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I get more press releases via Email each day than I care to count.

How many of those queries get my attention? Maybe one or two.

Why do I delete most of them without even reading them, once I’ve opened the Email and give it the three second glance, then delete it?

Because it’s all about them. There’s absolutely nothing in it what-so-ever that has anything in it for me… or you.

My blog isn’t for any of the following:

  • Gold medal winners
    • There is a website for that one alawine.com. It will get that author’s attention, but not mine. I’m not building an award list.
    • The person’s obviously not read this blog with any consistency, because I’ve written this more than once (gold medals mean nothing to me), proving it’s all about them…
  • An event at your winery
    • I will post wine festivals, because readers have expressed gratitude for my doing that. These are good public service announcements, and PR people get that. Having worked in broadcasting for years, I have a sense of community, and publishing public service announcements is part of that. This is contrary to the opinion of some bloggers out there who have taken issue with this practice, saying that it’s a waste of time. I know it’s not a waste of my (or your) time, and “It’s my party. I can cry if I want to,” as the song goes.
  • Wine Clubs having a sale
    • This is an advertisement if I’ve ever heard of one, and I get those about two or three times a month.
  • Someone just got promoted.


Recently, I got the best query ever, and I – too – can learn from this new way of PR via Email.

It came from James Jordan. He works for Monvera Glass Décor, the story that you might have read earlier this week on this blog: Buying wines with one’s eyes, and Monvera Glass Décor. (Just scroll down, if you didn’t read it and you’re curious.)

James was pitching his company, but what was it that made James get through?

He made it about me, in a very personal way; then, he made it about his company.

He caught my attention… period.

He wrote:

“I enjoyed the Friday Fotos!  I think my favorite was the two lawn chairs overlooking the water. Looks like a place I’d like to spend my weekend.  I hope you have a nice one planned for yourself.

“I wanted to quickly introduce myself and offer my support for any upcoming pieces you might be planning about the art of wine labels.”

You need to know that what James was referring to was a video that I had published that day. That means that he had taken the time to open this link to Popham Beach and Fort Popham, by Jo Diaz, looked at all the images, made an assessment by being involved, and then made his pitch.

This was brilliant. I felt like I had a new BFF.

If this company hired James, and it did, the person doing the hiring also has to be very savvy… I like Monvera Glass Décor for a lot of reasons, including James, his approach, and the over-all quality of the entire experience.

That’s how to get through the clutter that’s bombarding everyone and anyone who has the ability to publish everything and anything.

It’s all about building bridges…

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