Buying wines with one’s eyes

…has to be the other side of buying wine with the scores or wine recommendations.

It’s just occurred to me that I’ve never – in my entire life – bought a wine based on what anyone else has said. I’ve never been a follower, and I’ve never cared about trends. I’m an explorer, an adventurer. I just don’t do things the usual, predictable way. I’m not sure why; but I know it drove my father crazy, and like a wild horse, he always thought he could break me. He couldn’t.

I was given a lot of spirit when I came into this lifetime. And, that’s why I buy things with my eyes. I make my own decisions. That way, I have no one but myself to blame, if things don’t go the way I want them to go.

I was queried by a wine label company, “Do you want to write a story about wine labels?”

“Sure, why not?” I thought.

Once before I wrote about labels. I called it, “Wine Marketing 101 ~ Labels: Telling the Story.”

Now, as I reflect back on the content, I realize that both my husband Jose and I buy with our eyes. Here’s the part of it that proved my point of buying with one’s eye, except I didn’t get that that’s how we always operate. The story’s basics:

Before living in California, I lived and worked for radio station WBLM-FM, in Portland, Maine. I was as far away from viticulture as possible, but I loved my weekend food and wine adventures with my husband. We had a favorite wine shop that I’d go to each Friday. I’d buy a bottle of wine, bring it home, and we’d enjoy it over the weekend.

Finally, after months of doing this, Jose said to me, “Alright! I’m going to buy the wine this Friday, because every time you buy a bottle of wine, it has some flower or plant on it” (like a Field Stone Sangiovese). I couldn’t argue. He was right. So, off he went to Audie’s Wine Shop, and he bought a bottle of Clos du Val Cabernet.

You know, that’s the label with the three graces on it… a.k.a. three naked ladies. Rest my case!

Monvera Glass Décor

So, about  the company that asked me if I wanted to write about them. Understand, I had no knowledge about this company, save that I was contacted, and I love to learn… So off I went to explore.

First of all, this is about the silk screen print company Monvera Glass Décor, not for a paper label company. Some of the most exquisite packaging out there has silk screening as its label. The first one that ever made a huge impression on me was the Belvedere Vodka label. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I was working at Belvedere Winery at the time, and our Boston broker sent a bottle of the vodka to us, much to our surprise. I had to trot the bottle off to Belvedere’s attorney.

Monvera has launched a video Web-Series about bottle labels, so I went to their website and watched a video, which – for me – was very educational. Yes, it’s all geared toward their own work; however, the content is very informative. I found myself drawn in. One is a product called Limoncello di Sonoma (from Hello Cello). It is a 5-color process to print on that bottle, involving PM silver, yellow, orange, white, and red. I hadn’t thought about all of the processes that go into silkscreen on bottles before, so I found it really informative.

Their two minute programs, entitled This Week’s Beautiful Bottle, is Monvera’s way of to promoting labels that “exhibit outstanding design characteristics.” It also educates viewers about what makes each label effective. (Good marketing tips, here.)

New episodes are posted bi-weekly on the company’s website, and shared via their Facebook and Twitter pages. (I’m following both.)

Monvera provides many industries, from wine, spirits, beverage and food market segments, with glass decoration services. They also offer bottle photography and marketing support services. I’ve added a couple of their photos to this blog posting, because they’re gorgeously done. (Note the Limoncello di Sonoma one, second from the left.

I’ve added a link to Monvera to my blog listings under Supplies, Amenities, Services, because I want to know where to go when a client asks me about paperless, silk screened labels on bottles.

In Email exchanges from James Jordan, the company’s spokesperson. “…the Glass Packaging Institute has just announced the winners of their 2010 Clear Choice Awards. We printed a beautiful full-wrap label for Eight Arms Cellars that won in the wine category. If you get a chance, have a look. We think it’s significant that paperless labels have taken the category 2 years in a row.”

So do I, James…