Frivolous Friday…

So, Jose and I got on a roll, while we were at Chinois Asian Bistro, our favorite restaurant in Windsor.

As we were both enjoying a glass of Torrontes he said, “Aren’t French wines taking a beating? Did you ever notice there’s a lot of French things?’

And we began to list them, over our glasses of wine.

  • French toast
  • French press
  • French braid
  • French fries
  • French twist
  • French lace
  • French bath

Debbie Shu, our host, brought over a French dessert (Crème brûlée) for each of us to enjoy, as we were finishing our meal (above image). Jose began to orchestrate a picture of the dish with his Blackberry phone, and I said, “Wait a minute… wait a minute.” I arranged it with mine included in the background… Yin Yang style.

Jose shot this image.

As we were leaving Chinois, our Debbie added to the list:

  • French bread
  • Frenchy, the French guy
    • Jose and I knew and worked with a Frenchy in Portland, Maine at WBLM radio, a very hysterical guy…

As we got into our car, and I thought about the latest Project Runway

  • French seam
    • I remember sewing French seams when I was designing and sewing my own clothes, which I did from the time I was 12 until I was 20 years old.

Jose said, there should be French oak… We looked at each other, and began to laugh… I said, “There is…”

  • French oak
  • French laundry

When I got home, I continued…

And, then Jose said, “Put it out on Facebook. People will love this one.” He was right…

  • Jacqueline LeMay ~ French Legion of Honor
    • One of my French high school girl friends
  • Constance Chamberlain ~ french maid?
    • One of my new wine friends
  • Ron Saikowski ~ French arrogance!
    • Forgive Ron. He doesn’t know my mother’s maiden name was Bernier … Rhymes with Viognier.
    • Maybe by being extra nice to him, he’ll soften his views on the French ;^)
  • Ron Saikowski French wine, French perfume, French sidewalk cafe’
    • Now we’re talking. Seems like he worked it out all by himself.
  • Marc Sirois Ok, I’ll play….French Tickler, French Martini, French Poodle, French Cuisine, Frenchman, French Canadian, French Community, French Horn, French Pastry, French Press………and yes, I’m as French as they get…lol
    • This one’s fun. Marc was one of my French neighbors in Lewiston, Maine
    • Marc was a child growing up in my neighborhood, as I just wrote. He was there when my first daughter was born (he was about four at the time). Then he watched my next two daughters come into the world, and was their constant companion, in our French community. In a lot of ways, I helped raised Marc over the years. Now, he’s reminding me about “French Community.”
  • Debbie Shu French Twist…I forgot about the French Twist
    • I forgot that Debbie loves Facebook… She Baaaack…
  • Debbie Shu I just remembered that French Twist was a part of your existing list…French Bull Dog!!! Ha Ha!
  • Debbie Shu French Open…
  • Dale Cruse French Foreign Legion – French 75
    • Dale lives in the city my great grandfather founded… Boston (That was in 1623, King James sent the Reverend William Blackstone to the new world to preach his version of the Bible… Blackstone is also credited with founding the Episcopal religion in the US. Dale’s now enjoying everyday what I can no longer… Boston.)
  • Honey Airborne and then there were the French Indians, who the French thought were French Sioux…(hahahhaha) If it wasn’t for the Louisiana Purchase, I would have como tele voux to you (hahahhaa), we we Ma’dam

Okay, I’m done with this blog entry and Seal it with a kiss.

  • Oh… French kiss…

Did I leave anything out?

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