I remember reading a story by Cyril Penn in August, on WineBusiness.com, and I was flying by my seat of my pants at the time, but it hadn’t left my frontal lobe.

The story was called, Coppola’s Attorneys Lay Claim to the Word Diamond and or Diamond Shapes, and I thought, “What?”

It’s a great read, and puts the whole story out there.
Click on the link above; I’m not going to rewrite Cyril’s piece.

So, after reading the headline, I heard quiet grapevine rumblings, but was still running with scissors.

Today, however, I had a moment to read Cyril Penn’s story, and was taken aback, and not because F.F. Coppola was putting on a show. We all know he does a great job of that; but, because there seems to be some unfairness going on here, and I always lean toward the underdog… Don’t we all?

Big corporate company, so big the right hand doesn’t know
what the left hand is doing, and the left hand is connected
to some other body. Ah, capitalism…

So here’s what’s sticking in my craw, and I’d like your vote on this one, just for the heck of it…

Coppola’s lawyers are going after small wine companies that have the word “Diamond” in their labels, because Francis has one too. He wasn’t the first one to use it, mind you, he’s just decided to play king of the hill… all of a sudden.

Let’s take another noun, like “hill,” what the heck…

  • Sapphire Hill Winery
  • Judd’s Hill
  • Chalk Hill Winery
  • William Hill Estate Winery
  • Phillips Hill
  • Henschke Hill Of Grace
  • Sabile Wine Hill (Latvia)
  • Chatham Hill Winery
  • Swedish Hill Winery
  • Stone Hill Winery
  • Hill Family Estate
  • Eola Hills Wine Cellars
  • Bully Hill Vineyards  (This one could be a natural, being the bully and all)
  • Harmony Hill
  • Hill of Content
  • Orchid Hill
  • Texas Hills Vineyard
  • Dundee Hills
  • Winter’s Hill Vineyard
  • Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery
  • Old Hill Ranch
  • Strawberry Hill
  • Cleo’s Hill
  • Rattlesnake Hills
  • Hollywood Hill Vineyards
  • Tickle Hill Winery

What if Sabile Wine Hill wanted to claim the word “hill” because  Sabile Wine Hill is officially the world’s most northern vineyard in its hemisphere, according to the Guinness World Records Book. You know… King of the Hill, “We made it, yadda yadda…”

Or, better yet, Hill Family Estate, because it’s their name?

Then there’s Bully Hill Vineyards, as I noted above, being the bully and all.

Texan Hills Vineyard has two hills… Big case there. They’ve got more hills than anyone else.

Dundee Hills ~ Oops, looks like it could be “first come first served,” as my dad used to like to tell me.

Hill of Content ~ Hey, Hill comes first in their name. Isn’t this a natural for just owning it outright?

Old Hill Ranch ~ one of Sonoma Valley’s oldest and most prestigious Zinfandel vineyards, founded in 1851. Now we’re talking. Everything starts in the vineyards, right? Why should any winery lay claim to Hill, because it starts in the vineyards.

Strawberry Hill ~ Good ole Boon’s Farm. How many of us started here, so – there you go. Reason to claim the name.

Rattlesnake Hills ~ Dangerous. Step back, give them lots of room, and let’s all just go home.

Tickle Hill Winery ~ A good way to end this insanity… Laughing our way out of here.

Although, for the small guys that Francis is going after, it just makes me wonder… Why? Diamonds are everywhere. No one is going to confuse you, Mr. Coppola. You’re a figure larger than life.

Is this nuts, or is it just me? What do you guys think?

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