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Friday’s Fotos ~ A Day At the Beach in Popham, Maine

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I have very few days where I do something other than wine… Even most of my travels have to do with wine.

This past summer, our family friends’ daughter Jennifer got married. I spend a lot of hours also nurturing Jennifer Heutz Waters. She and my daughter Lyla are less than a year apart in age, and they grew up together. The Heutzes still live in Maine, but Jennifer followed us to California years ago. Her bridegroom Greg is from the Marin area. She’s now solidly planted in California.

After her gorgeous wedding day to Greg Waters, Jose and I headed to the waters… First Sabattus Lake, and then to Popham Beach on the Atlantic.

Here’s that beautiful day at Popham. Jose and I walked from one end of the beach to the other. We stopped mid point at Spinney’s Restaurant, discovered that it was a Woodbridge house (they owned the wine list), had a glass of wine with lunch, then walked back to the other end of the beach… miles away… photographing – what felt like – every square inch.

If you ever need to walk a beach, just bookmark this one. I have… I’ll be walking this beach all winter from the comfort of my computer.

– A day without a camera for a wine publicist is like a day without a hose for a fireman.

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2 Responses to “Friday’s Fotos ~ A Day At the Beach in Popham, Maine”

  1. Cyril Penn says:

    I love Popham Beach – and Spinnies – (too bad I’m allergic to lobster) – brings back great memories – magical place – went to a high school exactly 14.3 miles down the road on High Street in Bath (on the cross-country ski team, we had to make the run once a year). One of the most beautiful places I can think of. Several times since I’ve rented a cabin at Popham beach from Tom Percy – I wonder if he’s still around – I was last there for a reunion in 2006.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Oh my God, Cyril… You’re a Main-ah… I can’t believe it. I grew up in lovely Lewiston… Have tons of Bowdoin legacy, with Jose having also gone they-ah, and my first born daught-ah… I, too, am allergic to lobst-ah… Jose ate and I watched, while looking at the fort from Spinney’s window. Only you (and other Main-ahs) can possibly understand what I’m saying he-ah…

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