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She’s Drinkin’ California Wine

Governor Arnold has declared that September is California Wine Month, so this is inspired by that…

She’s drinin’ California Wine, yea she’s lost her mind, I hear she’s doin’ fine, she’s got all the time for California wine…

I love being queried for what others think you guys would enjoy knowing about, because it means I’m constantly being turned on to new stuff. I don’t have to go looking for new things anymore, if I don’t feel like leaving the house. I sit right here and type, and they just drop into my Inbox. The Internet is an amazing thing for adventurous souls.

So, I got an Email from Brian Showalter, the manager with Americana folk/rock band Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls from Los Angeles. He wrote:

“We have a song on our upcoming album called “California Wine” that may be of interest to you and your blog. You can download the song by following this link to She’s Drinking California Wine.”

The band will be releasing their upcoming album, “Packed or Exile” in late 2010 or early 2011. They’ll be performing live on the E Street Radio Show on XM/Sirius radio in NYC on November 5. Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls will be touring the West Coast in mid-November to promote the album and the lead single, “California Wine.” You can hear audio files and more at www.myspace.com/jasonheathandthegreedysouls.

“One of our band’s members includes Jason Federici, son of former accordion player for the E-Street Band, Danny Federici. The band is currently performing select West Coast dates and they are working on a follow-up to their debut album, The Vain Hope of Horse. Musical guests on the album include Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Nels Cline (Wilco).”

Little does he know that my Jose has a platinum album from Bruce Springsteen for his Born in the USA album, after it had sold 20 Million copies. DJs get copies like this to hang on their walls, because DJs play the music that sells the copies. So, his dad playing with the E-Street Band means I saw his father perform more than once in Portland, Maine. Great to hear what the kids are doing, DNA being what it is, and all.

Well… let’s just say, I’ve had a ball writing this blog, because I’ve been listening to California Wine the entire time I’ve been writing this story. It’s a really talented group of musicians, with a great vocalist. He wasn’t “pitchy” as the judges on American Idol like to tell contestants. Background vocals… instrumental riffs, they’ve got it all, and now I feel like California Wine, but it’s just too damn early for that…. So, I’ll just listen a bit more.

Let’s just say that if they come to San Francisco, I’d go see them.

California Wine, yea she’s lost her mind, I hear she’s doin’ fine, she’s got all the time for California wine… California wine, yeah….

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9 Responses to “She’s Drinkin’ California Wine”

  1. Jo – thanks – this is great fun, listening and keeping time while we all drink California wine…. well, not this early but hummin’ along.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Yeah, Sondra…

    I wrote this Saturday morning, and felt like drinking CA wine the whole time (breakfast of champions, but held off for mid afternoon… Pretty inspired, though.

  3. Erica Brown says:

    My new refrain, . . . Thanks Jo!
    — from a native cultivar transplanted abroad

  4. Jo Diaz says:

    I agree, Erica. I’m off to enjoy, having been right here since 6:30 a.m. It’s now time… for California Wine…

  5. Roger says:


    I really dig this freaking song. Thanks for introducing me to it. Nice…

  6. Jo Diaz says:

    Yeah… Me, too, Roger.

  7. Art says:

    Fun post! Makes me want to go down to my wine cellar and pick out something for this evening…maybe sooner!

  8. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks Art. Cheers to you, when you do!

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