I traveled back to Maine this past summer for our family friend’s wedding… Claude and Diane Heutz’s youngest daughter Jennifer Lynn Heutz now living in Marin, married Gregory Christoper Waters.

I blogged about the wedding shower, having shopped for items. It’s called Turning a promotional query into a very sweet opportunity.

The following video brings you back to Maine with me, in St Ann’s Episcopal Church.

Rumor has it that when the neighboring house, facing the Atlantic Ocean within 100 feet, went up for sale, George H.W. Bush bought the house, and gave it to the church. Today, the church has a reverend – larger than life – living in the house and tending to his parishioners… and he’s from Texas. [Smile]

Here’s that beautiful day.

– A day without a camera for a wine publicist is like a day without a hose for a fireman.

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