Innovation never stops, and that’s the best news of the universe… most of the time.

It’s fun being on the influencer side of new things coming out, because I get to see a few things first, for my impressions.

I was just asked if I’d check out “TheChillBag.” Sounded interesting enough. I’m all for seeing what’s new first-hand, so I told Ronald Detiger (VP for ChillBag USA LLC) to bring it on.

It arrived in the mail and I instantly fell in love. How many times have I had a white wine that I’m bringing someplace with me, take it from my fridge, only to arrive having the chill be nearly gone? I’m now chilling my wines in my Air & Water, Inc. wine cooler, which means – not as chilled as the fridge – my wines will be arriving less chilled. After driving an hour or two (picking up other things along the way), I’ve always arrived with a half chilled bottle. I’ve had no solution, until now.

We’ve all been there… And, it’s a bit frustrating, isn’t it?

The Wine Chill Bag is touted as being “the funkiest, trendiest ice bucket” out there. I agree. All you have to do is place your bottle of wine in The Chill Bag, add ice cubes and water, allow the wine to chill for a few minutes, and away you go.

I’m recommending it for Labor Day weekend… One last fling in the sun, before indoor holiday parties… good way to tote to your host’s home, etc.

Made from thick, durable PVC, this watertight bag allows you to just store it upright on your way to wherever, and it won’t leak like paper bags. You can even insert a beverage coaster in the bottom of the bag (little envelope section). How cool is that?

I think this would be a really great gift to give to your hostess. When the party’s long gone, the bag remains as a constant companion, with thoughts of your generosity. The cost is listed at $9.95. If you want a double one, the cost is $11.95. The bag not only is great for wine, but is also great for other beverages… but I’ll only use mine for wine. (Soda has a teaspoon of sugar per ounce. I can’t afford those calories… 10 ounces of soda = 10 teaspoons of sugar. Ouch!)

As Eco conscious as I am, I’ll be saving this one as my chilled white wine constant companion for a very long time, while reducing my dependence on paper bags. The Chill Bag Website also talks about using less water and ice cubes than the traditional ice buckets. One bag, less resources, constant companion… I’m in!

Look how it fits into my Concannon wine bag… Wine pro to go! Sweet!

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