I’m currently writing about an obscure American Viticultural Area, called Suisun Valley. Many years ago, Rick Wood (who lives in Fairfield, California) had a dream to preserve some of Solano Country’s most rustic and precious farmland. That bucolic region is called Suisun Valley.

Rick’s dream to save this area for generations to come would provide to be a tremendous benefit to not only Solano County as an agricultural entity, but also to its citizens as a choice for a lifestyle that can be so satisfying. For that early effort, the Suisun Valley Vintners & Grape Growers Association just recognized Rick for his forethought and his unification of the Fairfield City Council and the Solano Irrigation District’s members. Thanking all of them was part of the annual gathering of grape growers and produce farmers, at their annual meeting.

It was a gratifying moment, because I know all to well about having a dream, pushing it though committees, then to have a government body (in this case two of them) recognize the dream, and implement it… Next, it flourishes, and is just an amazing thing to see.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so does it also take a village to recognize its most pristine region and to preserve it for all future generations.

At the end of 2010, the “Suisun Valley Fund” and the “Suisun Valley Fund Advisory Committee” will cease to exist; however, all of the programs implemented during that time will live on historically for Suisun Valley. And, they’re momentous for all growers in this Suisun Valley AVA.

I’ve been the fly on the wall, during a cycle which is about to come to an end… Although I’d like to think of my quiet listening as being like that of a quiet storyteller… One who’s been gathering and transcribing facts and figures, and good ‘ole elbow grease data…

What’s been preserved is now flourishing in so many ways, with positive interconnectedness that seems quite powerful. I just spoke with one of my new friends from Suisun; and as we were talking, we almost said in unison, “the people of Suisun Valley are very special people.” I just looked at him… That’s something we both really get. There are so many positive forces that have come together, as this region begins its emergence from its cocoon.

It’s a remarkable thing ~ to have internally watched the cycles of this butterfly. We still don’t know the species we have before us. They’ve not come to that point yet in their development. Given its internal efforts, challenges, and triumphs, I’d say that it’s in the class of a Viceroy, though… Beautiful, earthy tones with its distinguishable, rustic edges.

That’s been my assignment, and now I’m realizing the blessings involved in this project, about six years later.

The charm, the viticultural and agricultural history, and hard-working people… They’re all right there in this small, eight-mile-long, three-mile-wide valley. It can be seen in vineyards and gardens throughout this pictorial area. It’s a microcosm of all that’s rustically wholesome,  from the bee hives peaking out from under the bush of an orchard, to the perfectly trellised grape vines… It’s all right there in Suisun Valley; and a best kept secret no more, as they emerge…

And now, I’m ready to go write small profiles of each member. Blogging just put me in the right frame of mind. You’ll be able to read that, when their new Website is launched  later this year.

Meanwhile, welcome to a day in the life of a wine publicist.