Yes, it could be… Just let Bill HR 5034 pass…

Sorry for harping on that, again, but I was reminded of this fact as I faced wine purchasing decisions in Maine for our Clarke Family reunion.

There I was… standing in Shaw’s Supermarket, and I knew every single bottle of wine, many of them either companies I’ve worked for in the past or am presently working for in one capacity or another.

There’s nothing wrong with these companies having their day in the sun, honestly, and I purchased these wines happily supporting those who have supported me either in the past or present. I was still majorly disappointed for the citizens of Lewiston, Maine, though. Their choices are very limited by what their wholesalers choose to carry and place on supermarket store shelves.

It’s no wonder that Dr. Vino’s study, presented at the Eighth Annual Petite Sirah Noble Symposium, stated that the citizens of California are the most wine literate. It’s because we sit in the middle of vineyards and are  super wine conscious as a result… Plus, wholesalers in California have all the options before them.

That said, there are hundreds of brands that will tell you that the distributors still won’t take them on, because they’re too new, nobody knows them, and they won’t risk it sitting on the shelf collecting any dust waiting for that adventurous soul to come along and dare to try it without someone’s endorsement written on a shelf talker.

Every state has a bit of protectionism going on, besides… This image above that Jose took with his Blackberry is Maine’s example… with Blacksmith Wine’s Blueberry wine being featured.

(Ironic that a Blackberry took a picture of a blueberry.)

Notice that the wines aren’t vitis vinifera, because these European vines cannot bare winter’s freeze. Should I have “when in Rome do as the Romans”? You know, probably, but at the time, I was looking for something like Viognier.

So, if a small producer’s wine isn’t a hit in California, don’t expect to find anything eclectic in “the set” anywhere else, that’s what I just learned, unless you’re in one of the other 49 states.

It seems more controlled than ever. I’ve not looked at store shelves outside of California for a long time, and I had a deep sinking feeling as I searched for something new that I could share with my family… for them…

The “set” seems to be “set” in stone more than ever.

Does anyone even care besides me?