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This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question, and so it occurred to me that this is a great “Dear Jo” entry. also, the person who just asked said that she’s Googled this question a lot, with no answers coming up. (Okay all you bloggers, go populate the Internet.)

Dear Jo,

I have some wine-o friends who are having a baby (not that I’m not a wine-o, but anyway), and I would LOVE to find then a good bottle of wine that peaks when their baby is 21 (in 2031). I’ve done lots of Googling, and have had no luck. Do you have any advice?

My response:

Thanks for thinking of me as a resource. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question, and I’m thinking it may not be the last.

I’m going to give you the same answer I gave to someone else in April, about “would LOVE to find them a good bottle of wine that peaks when their baby is 21”

When I wanted to give my grandson Jonathan a bottle of wine for him to open when he turns 21 (unless we can’t wait until then… like maybe 18 years old, who knows…), I gave a bottle to him that had just been sent to me by Sean Thackery of Sean Thackery wines.

I had started the PS I Love You group (PS = Petite Sirah), and Sean wanted me to know that he exists in the Marin hills. My husband was selling wine at the time, and was very familiar with Sean’s wine being very cult, exclusive, low production, made by a complete artist, etc.

I was floored by Sean’s generosity, and soon after enjoyed one of his bottles of wine. It was soooooo good, that I decided to give the other to my grandson, who had already turned two years old. This bottle that he sent to me was a 2000, the year of Jonathan’s birth. I asked my daughter to tuck it away, so one day my grandson and I could talk about how older wine is so luscious, especially when it’s a Petite Sirah.

PS ages like no other wines in the US. It’s perfectly adapted itself to California’s sunshine and ages so beautifully.

So… even though that vintage won’t be produced yet for this new child to be… none of the 2010 vintages are yet… just give the parents a gift card that says this new child’s grapes are growing in the sunshine as they read this card, and it will be growing with their child for the next two years. Then, once the wine is released, you’ll be getting a bottle of Sean Thackrey’s 2010 Sirius into their child’s hands. (You could get him an earlier vintage, too, but a bottle of wine from the same year of birth/vintage is very, very special.

Interesting, Harry Potter had a character named Sirius in the book, too. Perhaps you will also be able to turn this child – when it’s older – onto Harry Potter, and the fact that Sirius is the name of a constellation, and the name of his/her wine.

Once, Sean told me that he named his wine Sirius because he’s serious about his Petite.

You can see why I have this relationship to this wine, and is my standard recommendation for anyone who Siriusiously wants to give a new born a bottle of wine as a gift that will age well, then be a totally amazing experience. ;^)

I then gave her his cell phone number, so she could pre-order, and let Sean know that I gave her the number, so he’s not be surprised. Anyone else out there wanting to get a baby this Sirius baby present, e-mail me.

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