If you’re reading this, and have read my blog in the past, you’re seeing my new look.

I just got a make-over, and I have to thank Jose… my webmaster, hero, and all-around great guy.

For perhaps a year now, he’s been encouraging me to refresh Wine-Blog’s look; not because there was anything intrinsically wrong with it… On May 10, 2010, Joe Power from Another Wine Blog listed  “Examples of Great Design in Wine and Food Blogs,” and, Juicy Tales was listed… less than two months ago. He wrote:

As the title would suggest, Wine Blog is a no-frills highly focused blog and the design matches it perfectly. Very complimentary color palate.

While I really appreciated Joe’s thoughts, the color green that was part of this blog always bothered me, truth be told. The green in that design was a warm color. I gravitate toward the cooler shades, as now exemplified on this new rendition.

Also, the WordPress template that Jose and I had used to set up my blog has become a pretty popular one. In that regard, I had no real edge as being unique in my appearance. As a person I’m pretty out there; so becoming one of a long list of blogs having that exact look was beginning to wear on me.

I had come to love my layout, so it was going to take a really interesting new site to satisfy what I wanted, before I let Jose re-create my blog again (for about the fourth time)…  Nudging me for quite a while is the price I had to pay for having a Webmaster for a partner. Thank god he’s not a surgeon.

On July 3, Jose began pressing me… moving me forward… moving me past my comfort zone and into the world of design. He had gone off to find two options for me. The first one wouldn’t work at all. I was adamant. When he showed me his second choice, I saw the light. I knew his hours of research so my blog could be better presented and represent what I’m trying to accomplish hit an all time high. The design was perfect. I now just needed to come with the art work that I’d been longing to create, but was at a loss for where to begin.

Then, it came to me… Because wine starts in the vineyards, as do my stories, that was the direction of where I needed to go.

So, I spent a few hours in PhotoShop, beginning the journey to recreated my header, using all of my own photos… I wanted it to represent my interests and strengths. Once done, I felt so satisfied. I gave it to Jose. He inserted it into the code. We looked at it, and I gave him the thumbs up to launch it and a hug to seal-the-deal.

I’m trusting that Joe Power sees that this has only become a better functioning site, and has even more eye appeal. I really did – and still do – appreciate not only Joe’s thoughts, but also his inclusion. I was humbled, to say the least.

I love coming to my new digs, and hope that you will, too.

My Grindstone Cowboy (self proclaimed and – as always – makes me laugh at his word culture) continues to support my every effort in life and love, always making me better than I am when I stand alone.

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