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I never wanted to go to jail, but was okay with it this one time…

While traveling to Portugal on wine business…
A day in the life of a wine publicist.

Trading in drinking bars for prison bars… Who knew?
Even the chairs are made of iron… Such punishment.
Red table cloth… All the way.
A historical piece talks of days when the prison was in full swing.
A waiter server is there to reassure you that you’ve done nothing wrong, and all is right.
A flower reminds us of the polar opposite beauty for this intriguing new sight.
The famous, feral Black Pigs of Portugal filled my tummy.
And, cork tree acorns, fortified into a beverage, was tres yum-é.
So many things experienced in Portugal while there.
So little time to bring these sub story home to share…
Wine being the primary business, lest I forget…

A Cadeia Restaurant. Rainha St. Isabel, Estremoz 7100-509, Portugal (11-03-09)

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2 Responses to “I never wanted to go to jail, but was okay with it this one time…”

  1. If all meals in jail were as good as the one we enjoyed here, I’d gladly turn myself in! This was probably the best meal I had in Portugal. Very special regional cuisine served impeccably and in an unusual venue with beautiful touches. It wasn’t “fancy” or over the top–it was just perfect. Fun slideshow, too, Jo. (BTW, I was just going through some wine blogging papers and sorting and found lots of memories of Portugal! Wish I could follow up right now on all the stories they reminded me that I want to write!)

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    What a delight having you with me on that adventure.

    Meanwhile… I know your angst, and I know what it’s like to return to a young family… On a child’s birthday, no less.

    You’ll get to those stories; for now, it’s full blown summer!

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