While traveling to Portugal on wine business…
A day in the life of a wine publicist.

Trading in drinking bars for prison bars… Who knew?
Even the chairs are made of iron… Such punishment.
Red table cloth… All the way.
A historical piece talks of days when the prison was in full swing.
A waiter server is there to reassure you that you’ve done nothing wrong, and all is right.
A flower reminds us of the polar opposite beauty for this intriguing new sight.
The famous, feral Black Pigs of Portugal filled my tummy.
And, cork tree acorns, fortified into a beverage, was tres yum-é.
So many things experienced in Portugal while there.
So little time to bring these sub story home to share…
Wine being the primary business, lest I forget…

A Cadeia Restaurant. Rainha St. Isabel, Estremoz 7100-509, Portugal (11-03-09)

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