The 2009 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award went to Paul Mabray of VinTank, for revolutionizing the way wine purchases can be made; i.e., over the Internet. Remember the days of faxing in orders?

Now, Cruvee has just upped the ante with its Application for sales within the realm of social media, by launching its unprecedented Facebook application for wineries. This application brings YourWineYourWay to the most popular social media platform known to humankind… Facebook.

Jose and I are really pleased to announce our 2010 Diaz Communications “Pioneering Innovator and Digital Think Tank Leader” award to Evan Cover of Cruvee.

When I told Evan about this award, he was completely humbled, having this to say,

This absolutely amazing and really unexpected. Thank you very much! I would love to include James Jory in this post as being a major part of our team, and quite honestly deserves as much, if not more, credit than I.

In the beginning of 2009, we [at VinTank] became aware of James’s company, not to mention his high level of technology skills, affinity for wine, and overall sick brilliance when they were mixed together! For all of those reasons (as well as being a truly great person) we decided to acquire his company, Scrugy, and bring him on full time as our Chief Technology Officer, and have not looked back since!

I’m extremely honored to be given such an award…especially as it comes from you both as well as behind the likes of Paul Mabray.


Wine Companies, most especially if you’re an artisan winery, you need to pay really close attention to this…

Participating wineries are now able to promote and market their wines directly on their Facebook fan page, something absolutely amazing for wine companies… Most especially the small, artisan type.

Cruvee has been a constant advocate for the digital success of wine, since day-one of coming into being.

They’ve just announced their newest innovation, “the launch of another tool intended to further the reach and digital power of wineries, a Facebook Application that accurately displays and markets wines on wineries’ Facebook Fan Pages.”

As part of their YourWineYourWay movement to return control to and accuracy of wineries’ data, images, brands and information, this application will link to a winery’s complimentary YourWineYourWay account that houses all its detailed wine information and then publish it on its Facebook fan page.

According to Cruvee’s Evan Cover,

“Participating wineries can now add a ‘Wines’ tab to their Facebook page that describes their wines and directly links to a purchasing opportunity, enriching their presence on the premier social network and significantly increasing their ability to convert their fans to actual consumers.

“This Facebook application adds another (and much more significant) channel to the YourWineYourWay movement, which is currently active in distributing data developed and managed by wineries to a network of over 50 partners including mobile applications, wine e-tailers, wholesalers/distributors, social networks, wine portals, and more. Accurate, consistent and rich information has long been a problem for the wine industry and Cruvee continues to innovate using technology. With a Facebook application, they promote this solution to the largest audience possible.”

This is definitely the kind of innovation that should be rewarded by the wine industry as being another innovative creation coming from Cruvee.

Some highlights of this application:

  • Wineries won’t have to fuss with updating information on multiple sites. With one change on, Facebook and all 50+ wine platforms are updated.
  • Wines are linked to wineries’ ecommerce sites for immediate conversion opportunities.
  • This application lists the highly detailed product information including images, reviews, tasting notes, composition etc.

And… it’s Free!

To sign up for this application, wineries must first have an account on YourWineYourWay. All the instructions on implementing the Facebook application are provided there. If you’re ready to get started, get the application here.

Paul Mabray explains the Economics of OwnIT from OwnIT- Your Wine Your Way on Vimeo.

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