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What’s The Wine Industry’s Unperceived Future?

Beyond Bill HR 5034 being passed…

As I was about to dive into page 37 of Sondra Barrett’s Wine’s Hidden Beauty, I read the follow title and entrance to the sentence… And began to ponder.

Sondra wrote:

The Critics

A great controversy brews in the wine industry. Are wine critics…..

That’s were my blink happened, and I saw a line swap:

A great controversy needs to brew in the wine industry, and it should be of  great concern for every single wine consumer who’s every purchased wine on line.

Why? Because your future choices are at stake.

If Bill HR 5034 is passed, (write to your legislators today), you’re not going to have the choices you’re enjoying… Pure and simple (write to your legislators today). Today’s current wine laws have (somewhat) allowed many consumers to purchase wine over the Internet (write to your legislators today).

Reciprocal states, non reciprocal states… What a mess, and you know who you are.

Today’s wines have every reason to be the best wine ever grown, produced, and tasted in the history of mankind, given our knowledge and technology.

So, my questions are these,

  1. Are we headed toward another Prohibition?
  2. If you’re not close to the source, are you going to lose out?
  3. Or, will you just spend a lot more on travel to have an occasional, artisan wine?
  4. Will the artisan winemaker survive?
  5. Do I get to enjoy a lot more wine, because I’m so close to the source, and you can’t get to it?

We’ve tasted the fruit of the vine from all over the world, because they’ve landed on our doorsteps as an Internet purchase.

Do we want to continue with that freedom of choice (in our democratic society); or, do we want to lose every right we have to choose?

Do we want our future choices to be solely dictated by the state and to whomever the state has given a license? Or, do we still want to belong to some personal wine society in a far off land that will let us taste whatever handcrafted beauty we choose.

Find your voice, People, so you’ll have your choice.

Did I mention, write to your legislators today… before it’s too late?

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