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[Pictured: My daughter and son-in-law, Melanie and Heath Hoffman at Pacific Star Winery exchanging their vows.]

My cousin Margo recently asked for help, as someone in the family who is in the wine business. She was asking for a young couple who had come to her for help, as they planned their own wedding.

Always the big questions are, “How much wine is enough, and what’s a great value wine? We’re on a tight budget, but we want to take care of our guests.”

Here’s how I just figured it out. As I was writing this to her I realized that this is a good blog posting… Especially for this time of year; not only for weddings, but also for showers.

~ Think One (1) Bottle per Person ~

Safe start with Champagne for 100 guests:

  • There are six (6) full glasses of sparking per bottle ~ 6 pours / 1 bottle of any bubbly
  • Simple number of guests ~ 100
  • One glass of bubbly per person ~ 100 people divided by 6 pours/bottle = 17 bottles of any sparkling wine
  • Buy two (2) cases of bubbly
    • You’ll be all set for not only the Toast
    • You’ll also have some left over for your guests who love bubbly

One bottle per person = 100 bottles of wine. Take away your two cases of wine above (24 bottles), and you still have 76 bottles to go, or six more cases to buy.

Summer weather for a four hour reception.

  • There are five (5) full glasses of wine per bottle ~ 5 pours / 1 bottle of either white or red
    • Four (4) cases of White wine
      • Two Chardonnays (the most popular white wine in the world)
      • Two Sauvignon Blanc (another safe bet)
    • Two (2) case of red
      • One of Cabernet (most popular red in the world)
      • One of Merlot (another safe bet)

If you believe that this wedding reception has the potential to go longer than planned, you might want one more case of wine, split 50/50 between white and red.

And… if you want it to break up the party early, don’t buy more wine after your initial purchase; because once the wine is gone, the guests soon follow.

If you have a reception location with limited time on it, this takes the nervousness away from guests not wanting to leave on time. Just don’t provide unlimited wine and/or spirits.

~ The wine I would recommend to anyone ~

Criteria: A great value wine

The young couple who had asked my cousin for help (before my cousin came to me) needs to stretch their budget.

Price being very important, this is the primary reason for this recommendation. I’m also very happy to enjoy this wine everyday as a “house” wine ~ many restaurants know this to be true, too.

Oak Grove wines are always a safe bet. While this wine is one of my clients’ wines, I wasn’t trying to make a sale, as much as recommend a wine that I knew to have several very important factors:

  • Retails for $8.00/bottle
    • That’s $96.00/case of wine times 6 cases
      • $576.00 ~ for wedding wine for 100 people
      • $5.76/head ~ without taking bubbly into account, don’t forget
    • Ask your retailer for a quantity discount
      • 10 percent will save you $58.00
      • $518.00, or $5.18/head
      • $5.18 for five glasses of wine per person ~ this is a bargain
  • Oak Grove is available nationally
  • The quality is in the bottle, every single vintage.
    • I’ve been working with this wine for almost five years, and know it really well
    • Every single vintage has had GOLD medals, and BEST BUY or BEST VALUE from Wine Enthusiast and/or Wine Spectator
  • The wine is in perfect balance
    • It has a trusted source for beautiful fruit
    • Value to quality ratio makes it a great bargain
  • The packaging is really classy and speaks well for the purchaser
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