Memories on Memorial Day: Rockers I’ve held within my lens

Spending my  Memorial Day thinking about some of my own favorite memories…

38 Special people won going back stage to meet 38 Special from WBLM. I was number 39… I just loved it.

Going backstage with people who had won, “Back Stage Pass”  ~ From the Rockers, it was always that, “Gutta do” moment that’s part of the clause on the contract. “It’s just work, Baby!” Aerosmith in the early days… and hold onto your daughters, Ladies…

Duran Duran had just arrived for their first US tour… Just out of the air. I was the only person who was there to capture their just landing moment. I’ve always thought they were all so really disoriented. I love this image of them.

This was a two band visit: Cheap Trick with Heart. Rick Nielsen was playful. It was nice to see Ann and Nancy Wilson again.

Mark Andes of Heart, caught in a magic rocker moment below…

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