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Thinking About New Social Media Personalities When “33 Books” Arrived

What goes around, comes around; and it all starts with a glass of wine and note taking.

I was just sent a package by the 33 Books Company; and, was also shipped a few wine samples for different things going on in my life:

  • upcoming events (Toast of the Town, Ghirardelli)
  • someone wanting me to be turned onto his wine quality
  • samples that someone would like me to review on Wine Blog

By the way, these small note taking book are awesome; small enough to fit in your pocket (guys) or right into a pocketbook (women). You can record everything you could possibly want in a very efficient manner.

When the books (package of three of them – SRP $10) and wine samples all arrived on the same day, the following was my stream of consciousness.

It all starts with wine and the need to share.

Old Guard Wine Writers…

It began by taking personal notes, in their favorite designated wine notebooks, like this new product I was just sent from the 33 Books Company, based in Portland, Oregon. (It’s perfect for taking wine notes… Image below.)

  • Friends who knew their passion, began to ask opinions of them.
  • A need to dig deeper emerged, so they either traveled and interviewed people along the way, or they took classes.
  • They asked so many questions, in fact, that they created a newsletter in their spare time.
  • Next thing they knew, they published their wine findings in a newsletter.
  • They subsequently found a way of supporting their efforts by writing for newspapers or by offering their newsletters and/or magazines, or their newsletters became morphed into a subscription basis publication. (Some of them even dropped the physical copy, and became only a PDF version, of what was once delivered in hard copy.)

New Emerging Guard Wine Writers…

  • It’s begun by taking personal notes, perhaps with this new 33 Books Company, and filing those notes on the Internet.
  • Friends who know your passion are reading your opinions and are leaving comments in your comment box.
  • A need to dig deeper is emerging, so you’re either traveling and interviewing people along the way, or you’re taking sommelier classes.
  • You’re asking so many questions, in fact, that you’re being asked to head panels at the Wine Bloggers Conferences (US and European)..
  • Next thing you’re realizing is that you want to monetize your wine blog, to pay for a few of your expenses and hours of sitting at your computers.
  • Your websites are morphing into places where people can buy wine and wine related stuff, because you’re all becoming more intrigued as you study more about wine.

Right now for many social media writers (not all), wine samples (or purchases) will do. They’re not (yet) paying involving themselves with the technical details of alcohol, TA, and pH. I’m going to make a prediction, though… As they evolve in their search to know more and more, many of them will become interested in these details, because the details say a lot about the balance of a wine. Their course studies will prompt them to want to know more, honestly. Just ask anybody who’s already been there.

When vintners send the new guard their wines for review, they’ll begin to wish that the wineries had also included a technical data sheet, so they don’t have to go searching the Internet to find these details, before they thoroughly taste the wine just delivered.

Many of the new vintners, who are also part of this social media generation, are sending samples with only their wineries mythology included. This is  a great introduction.  What’s being missed, however, is that opportunity to also educate this new media guard with the all important technical data sheet.

As vintners who are very involved in the art (mythology sheet), as well as the science (technical data sheet), you’re missing a huge opportunity to quickly advance these new, exciting writers.

To you I suggest… always, always include the following in your wine shipments:

  1. your story
  2. technical data
  3. suggested retail

Help your writer to write better and more efficiently for your brand.

PREDICTION: The next thing you know, the New Guard will become the old guard, and it will be your turn to watch the new guard of writers telepathically assemble their thoughts through some computer chip in their heads. Their information will be uploaded into some huge think tank, that will automatically broadcast that info onto a billboard – as well as the Internet – in their own home town locations… Because they’ll be the regional experts. The best of the best will be uploaded to Times Square once a week… Or, maybe just sent to computer chips that are in consumers heads who have authorized their favorite wine writers/bloggers to download files into their consciousness.

It could happen…

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3 Responses to “Thinking About New Social Media Personalities When “33 Books” Arrived”

  1. Lorrie S. LeBeaux says:


    You are so right! The wineries that send me samples usually send the above mentioned information. I’m a new guard, and I’m loving every minute of it!

  2. Jo says:

    Keep up the fun, Lorrie. It has to fall into great hands, so the truths continue to be handed down so they inspire!

  3. Hampers says:

    Thanks for sharing the review of 33 bottles of wine, I found it interesting and will order my copy today.

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