Another Reason to Buy Boxed Wine… if You Live in California

Whoda thunk it?

Ellen DeGeneres came up with a good one.

In your earthquake survival kit, make sure you have a couple of containers of boxed wine.

I love it, and I love boxed wine for those unspecial moments.

Until Chateau Latour comes out with a boxed wine, I won’t be serving my guests from any tap. (I can, however, see Millennials have a couple of boxes at a beach party,  with plastic cups. Who needs glass on the beach?)

As I’ve said before and will say again, for those moments when I’m having a bowl of pasta and a small salad, or a quick stir fry with rice and veggies with meat in a sauce I’ve whipped up with just Jose and me, there are boxed wines that I’m perfectly fine having throughout the week. This also included into the weekend, if I’m just puttering around the house and garden, living the perfunctory part of my life.

I love Fish Eye’s offerings.

My experiment with Duca del Frassino’s Garganega/Pinot Grigio was great fun, and I’m now happy to buy this one, too.

I once had some Black Box Chardonnay, and woke up the next morning with my face looking like I had inhaled a helium balloon. On one hand, it was great… All of the lines on my face were totally gone. The down side of that, though, was that I could barely see over my cheek bone… Well, I can’t really say “cheek bones,” because all of my features were gone, and my bulbous face looked like I belonged in the circus… but… still…  the lines were gone on my were face.

A winemaker friend told me that sometimes wines are filtered using elements of fish. I’m really allergic to fish, so I can’t ever go there again with Black Box anymore. (It’s just me, people, and my crazy body. My daughter was just fine.) That anaphylactic experience scared the life out of me. It lasted for three days, before my face was back to normal. It happened mildly once before, too, when I tasted Two Buck Chuck to see what that was all about. I’ve now sworn off really inexpensive wine, because I can’t risk it.

But, not all boxed wine is cheap, and that’s a fact of today’s wine marketing. When I know and trust the source, I’m in.

So, thanks, Ellen, I’m going to go stock up!

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4 Responses to “Another Reason to Buy Boxed Wine… if You Live in California”

  1. Roger says:


    Who knew you could utilize guppies (sort of speak) to remove particles in suspension, hey? 🙂

    Eggs can also be used. Are those wines going to have to put a little icon pic of a fish skeleton or the barnyard pimp on them now? Hmmmm


  2. Jo says:


    I didn’t know about the guppies, either. I think it’s a completely personal thing, and it’s just one of those, when it’s your time, it’s your time. (Funny thoughts/icons, though.)

    Cheers to you, too.

  3. Jo says:

    In all fairness to Black Box, I just got this Email from a friend through Facebook:

    “Interesting about the fining with fish products. I’m also allergic to fish, but haven’t had a reaction like that up to this point. Guess I’ve been lucky!”

    It’s just me, people… I’ve got a crazy system…

  4. Boxed wines are getting better. Just for kicks, I ordered a few boxes to taste alongside the dozens I normally taste on any given Tuesday, and a few of them were actually OK, although they don’t quite evoke the same semblance of sophistication as wine in a bottle(I felt a little trashy drinking it). But Ellen may be on to something. And who knows? If boxed wine keeps improving, perhaps one day the romance formerly ascribed to the extracting of a cork will be redirected to the releasing of a plastic tap. 🙂

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