Winners: Corked ~ a Father, a Daughter, and a Give-Away

This morning, I had my nimble assistant Ms. Chloe pull the names from my Winner’s Hat.

Chloe’s my five year old grand daughter, with more energy than a Richard Scarry character from Busy Town, so pulling six names was an exercise in “Nope, only one, let’s try that again.”

But we got it done.

And here are the winners from this past week:

  1. Fabius
  2. Monique
  3. Veronique
  4. Matt Reid
  5. Christian Schiller
  6. Gwendolyn Alley (Won fair and square… Somehow Gwendolyn’s got the luck of the Irish on this site, swear to God!)

I’ll be contacting each you today to get your mailing addresses; except for Gwendolyn, she’s quite the regular.

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3 Responses to “Winners: Corked ~ a Father, a Daughter, and a Give-Away”

  1. Haha, Jo! Thanks!

    Believe it or not, I even comment more but forget to put in the numbers and the comment gets lost and then rare is the time I have to comment again!

  2. actually it’s the luck of the Welsh…

  3. Jo says:

    Pretty close, right… Irish and Welsh?

    I wonder how this is working? It reminds me of my Girl Scout Camp Yiaka days. We had to do chores after every meal. We had cards that we pulled. They ranged from Dish washing, Dish drying, Dish putting away, Clear the tables, etc. There was one card called, “Lucky.”

    I was there for two weeks, overnight, at the age of about seven. So… 3 meals a day for 14 days – 42 times that we had to pull a card in my unit. Of the 42 times, I pulled lucky 40 times!

    Because lucky could do anything with that time, I used to go walking in the woods… Imagine.

    By the end of my stay at camp, I was getting really frustrated with the one girl who cried herself to sleep at night in our cottage… I mean, common… Grow up, or go home.

    And, I had discovered where the tadpoles were.

    One of those last days, at my wits end, I got a tadpole and put it in her bed. I still can’t believe I did that. Let’s just say, I took her mind of being home sick that night.

    I’m sure I’m going to hell for a day for that one!

    The luck of the Scottish and French on the card pulling… The price to pay for that cry baby.


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