Get your grüv on ~ Austria Uncorked ~ May 3, 2010

[SIDEBAR: Five copies of the book Corked, by Kathryn Borel, will be given away this Saturday. Just leave a comment on today’s blog entry, to be registered to win. Winners will be announced on Saturday.]

Because you’re reading this blog, the Austrian Trade Commission has provided a special code, in order to give you a five dollar savings. The event is only $45, but by using this code, it becomes $40. BLOGAUSTRIA

This is going to be the biggest Austrian event to ever hit the states and will feature winemakers and importers from all over. I’m headed to this one, as I’ve come to love the Austrian wines that I’ve been tasting of late. (Before “of late” I hadn’t ever tasted Austrian wines, being perfectly honest. I just never had the opportunity.)

Rather than write all the details, I’m just going to post the image.

Go to the Bottlenotes Website for purchasing tickets, and don’t forget your secret code: BLOGAUSTRIA

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10 Responses to “Get your grüv on ~ Austria Uncorked ~ May 3, 2010”

  1. Peggy says:

    Doing my daily reading and would love to be included in the drawing for the book.

  2. Jo says:

    Consider yourself in the drawing, Peggy. Thanks for taking your time to check out my blog. Much appreciated.

  3. ConstanceC says:

    Yayy Austrian wines 🙂

    It’ll be a great tasting – I’m glad you’ll be making it out!

  4. Jo says:

    Constance, let’s wear flowers in our hair, or something like that, so we can find each other. (It’s San Francisco, after all.)

    Two things: Added you to my blog listing, too. Thanks for having me on your site. It’s always humbling to find my link on other’s blogs.

    Adding you to the book drawing this Saturday, for commenting today.

  5. Chris says:

    Just gone through your blog on Austrian wine and found it interesting. Will give it a try. Hope it taste well

  6. Ailish Alda says:

    Anytime I read a travel piece I am ready to book a ticket. I’m such a sucker for any cultural experience. Sounds amazing! I’ve done Europe, much of Asia, and North Africa. Hands down my favorite trip was a food and wine tour to Tuscany. Really had the time of my life and it’s like every local is there to help you enjoy. Next trip you should check it out.

  7. Jo says:

    Thanks for the list, Christian. It’s a great primer. I’m going to print your blog entry and take it with me to the tasting, for reference. I have a lot to learn about Austrian wines. I appreciate your guidance.

    I just visited this link and your blog. You’re got to be the utmost authority on German wines, given that you live in both the USA and Germany. It was fun to see you sitting on your daughter’s front porch. Yes, that’s so New England. (I was born in Maine and left there over 17 years ago, but lived most of my life in New England.) It was nice to see a “Live Free or Die” house, again.

  8. Chip Mullins Jr says:

    Just started reading wine blogs in the past month or so & have enjoyed reading this one. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to San Fransisco for the tasting. I’d like to be included in the drawing for your book also.


  9. Jo says:

    Greetings, Chip,

    Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate that a lot.

    The book drawing was last week. It’s a reminder to me to have a drawing date on each statement, so people know when it’s going to be. I talked about it at the beginning of that week, then had a subsequent blurbs for the rest of the week… not thinking about someone coming back to that entry more than a week later.

    My bad. Sorry. I’ll be more thoughtful in the future.

    The drawing of that week was this past Saturday, with a blog to announce the winners. http://wine-blog.org/index.php/2010/03/27/winners-corked-a-father-a-daughter-and-a-give-away/

    Next time.

    I have drawings on occasion, because I get “stuff” that’s cool, and I like sharing.

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