This is touted as the wine trip to end all wine trips.

Hopefully not for the author and her father, Kathryn Borel and Phillipe Borel, I must add, because I believe they deserve one more go around with less baggage.

From her first words to her last, I couldn’t put the book down.

Kathryn Borel is an important new author, who’s recounted a part of her life in Corked, that’s filled with love, pain, and emotional growth through pushing the envelope.

Her style of writing is very easy, raw, and revealing as she and her father Phillipe Borel ~ a retired hotelier and former chef ~ drive themselves through Alsace, Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone, and the Languedoc.

This is a book based around a passion for wine (her father’s), Kathryn’s destiny of sharing this passion with her father, and a road trip though the more rustic parts of France. What follows is the reader becoming part of her “Aha” moments, her coming to Jesus with her father for the past they’ve shared when he hasn’t acknowledged her feelings and fears, and a glimpse into their future. I have to believe that it will now evolve into a better relationship for both of them, based on their “getting it all out there…” and we’re all invited.

Kathryn’s writing style had many moments for me that created wonderful imagery… For instance, I picked up a new way of considering wine. I currently simplistically think about “weekday” and “weekend” wines. Kathryn and Phillipe have expanded that through this concept of “wines of meditation and wines that require no real investment or concentration.” Same thing, more refined and enriched concepts…

The book is filled with little revelations, and we’re all included in their journey, from solving all of the things that can, and sometimes do, go wrong between a daughter and a father.

It’s fortunate for them that they had this time together to work out all of the wrinkles along the way; some of which has emanated from Kathryn’s life altering experience. It’s very apparent that this experience will stay with her for the rest of her life deep within her soul, and has altered her personality and perceptions of life forever more. You must read the book to learn more… It’s worth the read.

It’s fortunate for us that we were taken along their journey, because Kathryn writes wonderfully. Also, as women, many of us can relate to the exact point when we, too, had our own defining moment with our fathers… establishing our independence and individualism within the father-daughter relationship. We can relate, as I did. You guys also have gone through something similar with your dads, or perhaps your mothers.

If you love to laugh and cry, you’ll loved Corked. [$23.99]


If you’d like a copy of this book, I was given one for a lucky reader.

EDIT: I was given one in the mail, which I’m willing to mail internationally. Kathryn’s publisher has also give me another five copies to give away… So, odds just increased by A LOT.

It’s simple: just respond in my comments section that you’d like to be considered.

Since I have so many copies, I’ll run this contest for the week, and announce the winners on Saturday.  The books will be mailed to you by Hatchet Book Group, so you can all get reading!

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