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Purfume That Smells Like Wine?

Okay… If I’m around wine, I’m aroma neutral… for all the obvious reasons.

Perfume is to attract the opposite sex, truth be told, and so who are we going to be attracting with this one? Most guys aren’t into Chardonnay, or am I wrong?

Salud Spa Bar is creating aromas of alcohol for a woman to wear on her body.

From their site:

Salud will feature our wine-inspired line of perfumes, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot and Syrah. We created these wine-inspired fragrance blends by studying various wine varietals and picking out the individual notes, like fresh cut grass, grapefruit, red berries and tannins. While developing the aromas, we also acknowledged that a true wine connoisseur would never wear perfume while wine tasting, because of interference with the varietal’s bouquet. We believe that is what makes our wine perfumes so intriguing, as our blends actually enhance the nuances of both.

This is just wrong. Let the wine do the talking, let it be enhanced by what it is… And isn’t it interesting that this wasn’t developed in wine country?

Is there erotic pleasure in the aroma of wine on a woman’s body? I guess if you’re having after hours fun and games, but in the supermarket?

Why would I want to smell like wine, when I’m going to have to be driving my car? I had a friend close out a tasting room, and put the bottles left over from the day into the back seat of her car. While driving home, she came upon a deer. She swerved to avoid it, but hit a wall. In the accident, the car and all the bottles were smashed, making a terrible mess. Because the cops could smell wine, they waited – while her back was also smashed – to test her for alcohol before they got her out of her car (with the jaws of life). All of this was done before getting her to the hospital, where she belonged.

I’m afraid for me – just sayin’ – this one falls into my category of, “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me.”

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  1. Alana Gentry says:

    I received some of these as samples–Chardonnay and Zinfandel. I was intrigued but worried about tasting room etiquette & curious if a winery would carry it in their gift shop.

    But just as a scent, I love them, pretty little bottles and the Zin can fit in a purse. However, they are strong! Have to use a little tiny bit & never when wine tasting. Really important to note is they don’t smell like wine at all. Not remotely. I think the idea was to match the profile of the varietals but I think it’s a stretch to put it kindly. The gal selling them is really nice and I wish her well. I might sell them through my shopping cart just because I like them; but I don’t know how I’d get around the “truth in advertising” since I can’t see the wine connection.

  2. Jo says:

    Interesting follow-up, Alana.

    the fact that they don’t remotely smell like the varieties is yet another layer of what they’re about.

    You’ve given lots of good advice about how much to wear, or not, and when.

    Also… “Truth in advertising…” Let it go. I would HOPE that you believe in what you’re endorsing, and I believe that wine bloggers need to get over the fact that wine bloggers aren’t in the same class as journalists… unless they’ve got a degree in journalism. Most of us are just writing about our passions, and if we get some compensation along the way for things we personally endorse, whatever!

    Check out sports figures and the “figures” they receive for simply wearing a T-shirt, shoes, etc., and being in a commercial.

    We live in a capitalistic society, and we’re all trying to survive. This has nothing to do with ethics… Unless we love to promote things we don’t believe it. The fact that you do… You go, Girl!

  3. Dear Jo,

    Thanks so much for continuing the debate about “no perfume in the tasting room.” I’m the Chief Perfumer at Salud and I just wanted to clarify that our Wine Aroma Collection is not meant to smell like the wine itself (of course, who would want to smell like alcohol?), ( : rather, to emulate the aromas and “notes” within the various varietals. For example, the Sauvignon Blanc scent has accords of fresh cut grass, grapefruit and ginger. Our Chardonnay (CA style, if you will) has notes of vanilla creme brulee, melon and toasted oak. The line is a lighthearted appreciation of wine, and our mantra is to help other wine lovers learn more about the notes of both the wine and perfume.

    You can click here to see the full collection:

    Also, I do want to mention that as the developer of the scents, I currently reside part-time in Tucson (where our Scent Studio is located) but hail from California and spend significant time in wine country.

    I truly created the collection out of my own love of – and appreciation of – the world of wine. I would like to send you some samples of the aromas so that you can experience them! I think you would be delighted and surprised. Email me at kelly @ SaludSpaBar.com if you are interested, with your mailing address. Our collection is also available for purchase at various venues on the west coast, including the St Regis. Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

    Kelly Podorsek

  4. Jo says:

    Hi, Kelly,

    I’m game, because without more than the concept, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

    It’s only fair to give you an opportunity to make your case, though, since I’ve taken my thoughts public. As Alana wrote in the comments, she’s a fan and has nice things to say about you ;^)

    My address is in my footer (in my Email, which I’m sending to you). I’ll pay close attention and quick turnaround, if you send samples to me.

    Best wishes…

  5. Alana Gentry says:


    You are sooo right that I should do my own thing! I would like to have these scents in my shopping cart, if Kelly and I can figure out how to do that with little fuss. I’d probably add a little warning to please support the no perfume rule while at a wine event/tasting room. My winery friends will shun me or worse if I encourage perfume. But on the other hand, I know a lot of tasting room staff that relish open-toed shoes and a sexy perfume when they aren’t working. It’d be a cute and thoughtful gift for them.

  6. Jo says:

    The tag line should be… “For those moments when you can’t be in wine country…”

    So simple.

    I don’t encourage aromas in wine country settings, but there’s nothing wrong with scents elsewhere when it’s not in conflict with anything else… like everyday life.

    Now knowing that these aromas don’t smell like “wine,” it’s a different ball game.

    Get a webmaster to install a shopping cart (not hard to do for those who know code), and voila! You’re on your way.

    This is a positive step forward for you to begin monetizing your blog. It’s inevitable for anyone serious about keeping up the passion, who is searching for ways of turning this blogging stuff into a profession.

  7. Jo, samples are on the way. I love what you and Alana are doing and the discussions you raise! cheers

  8. Could this be the start of a whole new trend? Imagine a ‘necking date’, where instead of being mesmerized by a lady’s scent, you end up licking her ear lobes. Just kidding, I think it sounds like a fascinating product. I know a few ladies who would love this as a present.

  9. Jo says:

    Wilf, I’m on my way to finding out, as Kelly (the originator) has sent samples to me. It’s entirely possible I was off base, and am soon to find out. I’ll be letting everyone know shortly. I won’t let this one linger…..

  10. bridget sookma. says:

    i never heard of perfume that smells like wine, very interesting.

  11. Interesting to hear about this perfume that smells like wine!

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