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Social Media Options Continue to Expand with GrapeStories

Recently, Thea Dwelle, known affectionately as @winebratsf just commented on this blog: “It’s exciting to see what this year will bring in the wine industry technology explosion!”

I thought to myself, “What else could possibly happen… So much has already flooded my brain.”

But, within only a few minutes I got my answer via Email. It was from Lauren Formicola, telling me about her client Eric LeVine. Eric is the founder and creator of CellarTracker. Eric has just launched his beta site GrapeStories. This new site is replacing CellarTracker, because it broadens the original wine collectors’ focus of CellarTracker. The new expanded site delivers the vast amount of cultivated wine wisdom contributed by the CellarTracker community, opening it to casual wine drinkers who want wine recommendations and social networking opportunities.

GrapeStories is a site about wine reviews and cellar management tools. With these combined advantages, wine enthusiasts of all levels are given a rich forum.

  • As regards reviews: each person can share a unique story about his or her personal passion for wine. With this new social media interaction development, people will be able to gain wine knowledge on a site that’s an approachable place to share wine experiences.
  • On the cellar management end: the modernized GrapeStories site will give active collectors the capability to be more productive, when organizing their wine.

GrapeStories features:

  • Speed! More readable and scalable
  • Clean, simple and streamlined organizational tools
  • Social interactivity capabilities, users can build profiles, ask and comment on each others tasting notes, create groups of friends and fans
  • Comprehensive precision tracking tools
  • Easier editing functions
  • Advance search capabilities
  • Summarized view panels
  • Multiple views access with nimble toggle action
  • Nifty assistance: Wine rating assistant, tasting note assistant, and food pairing advice

Social media is ever expanding, and just as those of us passionate about wine find that it’s an ever expanding lotus, so is technology. It seems that Silicon Valley has turned the wine world upside down, and is giving us more to think about and enjoy, almost every single day.

Now, all we need is something like TV Guide, for those who want to know when to go, and where…

There you go techies looking for something to invent… How about a Wine Social Media Guide site, where we can all make choices about where we should be going, above and beyond Facebook and Twitter?


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2 Responses to “Social Media Options Continue to Expand with GrapeStories”

  1. winebratsf says:

    Indeed! As a long term Cellar Tracker user (albeit badly managed), I was extremely excited to see the new UI in the sneak peeks earlier this year.

    The slick new interface will take CT to a new level in consumer recognition, and take it a notch down from the geek speak it was. Personally, it’s less clicks and it will encourage users to enter wines more frequently (like me).

    With iphone and other smart phone apps leveraging the API like Cor.kz, and barcode scanning, this really is the app to beat. 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    You would know, my dear.

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