WEEK 4 : Two days after Dark & Delicious, I can certainly use a stiff drink, but will “simma down” and taste this fun, experimental wine.

I’m now into the fourth week. If this wine was going to be showing some wear and tear – in any other container – it would surely be showing it by now.

So, I poured my first glass, enjoyed it and wrote about it, hit my save draft button, my WordPress moment crashed, and I lost all of my wine notes.

Is it the Universe knowing that I need two glasses of wine today, or is it just the bad luck and hard working conditions of a wine blogger? Hum…….

So, I just poured a second glass. I need to have it all come back to me… Stream of consciousness that this is turning out to be…

SIGHT: The faint pink color, which is indicative of the Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) grape remains. (I love it.)

AROMA: Green fruit and a faint hint of Petrol continues, and the green fruit remains in tact.

PALATE: Continues with a rich, full mouth feel (must be coming from the Garganega, because this is so not like a Pinot Grigio, but very pleasant as a component). Granny Smith apples, it’s lost a bit of its grapefruit flavors.

FINISH: Star fruit still lingers on the finish. Considering that I tapped into this wine cask (equivalent to four bottles of wine) four weeks ago, this is all pretty admirable.

THOUGHT: Considering that this has had the slightest of air contact, as the wine flows from the container, it’s holding up very well. I love boxed wine for this convenience, as long as it’s done well.

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