This has been my assertion, since Day 1.

I took this message to the 2009 European Wine Bloggers Conference. I emphatically made this statement in one of the sessions, when it began to be discussed, it didn’t seem to connect with most of the people.

“If you want to monetize your wine blog, get a job in the wine business…”

At the end of that session, a few people did come to me to tell me that I had hit a chord.

Do you know how we say, “If  I can just help one person, it was worth saying…”

Well, I had one of those moments, and I knew that the innovators were off and running. It was very satisfying.

I think I might have come off as eccentric to most of them present… I often do… And yet history usually bears out what I’ve projected.

Intuitive innovators are risk takers, and come to conclusions early on. That’s what gives them insight… Their intuitive fiction “gets it,” long before it’s scientific fact. These facts are based on extensive studies with noted results and figures, which all substantiates the inventor and intuitive thinkers. Meanwhile, the innovators are now off creating more work for the researchers and scientist.

If you don’t think getting a job within the wine business is how to monetize blog, send Robert Parker an Email, and ask him how he went from being a lawyer, to starting The Wine Advocate, to morphing into eRobertParker. Chances are that eRobertParker isn’t monetizing his life, but everything else he’s doing in the business is… eRobertParker is an extension.

Aha! An extension…

It’s just a matter of time, too, when those who are truly passionate about the wine industry will turn it into profitability. It’s not going happen while waiting for donations or advertising to catch onto their worlds, however. It’s going to be when they get themselves a job within the business, pay some dues, and then the world will be invited to learn about their day-to-day jobs. Yes, it will also have to be what the company wants to hear as their “day job” evolves, but these newbies will also be able to write more interesting copy on their own blogs that is within the text of their own journey.

That’s why this wonderful guy, Hardy Wallace, is able to just keep going with what he wants to do, versus morphing into the party line.

Hardy Wallace first gave it a spin with Jess Jackson’s Murphy Goode. When he was asked to stay on, he decided to try another angle with The NPA; a tiny winery in Russian River Valley that focuses on local, organic wine. He’s going to be writing/creating a webisodic series that will explore the land, people, and culture surrounding the winery. Hardy’s off exploring all the angles.

You’ve just gotta love it. This is so non-traditional PR and marketing, and that’s where it’s all headed with this new generation of PR wannabees. While the rest are still wondering how to monetize their blogs, others are already putting their “passion put to use,” quoting Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and becoming monetized… as we all must be in life, right?

Stay tuned for Friday’s blog…

I’m going to give you a classic example of someone whose light bulb just went on, about that which I’ve been saying for the past couple of years.

She’s looking for a job in the wine industry, and she already comes with a huge following.

There will be a perfect fit winery that already has someone at the helm with his or her own light bulb already shining brightly, and will see the massive potential.

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