It’s all in a day’s work, but just shows you how a small company has to shift a lot of interesting gears…

As the details were being locked down for 2010 Dark & Delicious, with everything beginning to come together, we got the word from our Tequila Semental client that they had been selected to pour their ultra premium tequilas at a pre Oscar party. Tomorrow, Tequila Semental will be pouring Tequila with a group considered to be the top Hollywood stars, major media, and Hollywood VIPs.

The party has been arranged by Anita Talbert of  an Oscar Suite of 100 Stars; and we’re headed to Hollywood later today for a Tuesday party with the stars.

Tequila Semental is the official Tequila at tomorrow night’s party. I have a camera pass, and will be taking pictures. I’ll also be introducing Semental’s proprietor Efrain Lopez to those who will be attending. Guests will be dropping by to learn about and receive all sorts of gifts, from perfume to jewelry, to Tequila Semental samples. I’ll report back what this is like, after I experience it for the first time.

Efrain is the gentleman sitting down, on the left.

This party is intended to introduce influencers to products that they may enjoy later, telling their friends about the gifts they’ve received this day… It obviously gets a Hollywood buzz going.

Anita Talbot anticipates the attendance of top film and prime time TV network stars; major media including producers of top life-style and entertainment shows, major magazine reporters/editors and newspaper media (national and international), major networks and their world-wide affiliates, top PR, agents, managers and stylists-to-the-stars, TV and film, TV Network Executives, film and TV, Los Angeles society notables and more at her Oscar Suite of 100 Stars.

This event takes place tomorrow, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Anita’s staff brings all credentialed electronic and print interviews to us, with all stars being escorted to meet Efrain. He’ll meet and talk with all celebrities and VIPs during the suite portion of the program.

This should be a very interesting segue from this past Friday night’s extravaganza. The best part for me right now is that this one I didn’t have to organize… I could never have back-to-back events. There’s just not enough energy in the world for that one.

Ciao, kids!

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