I just searched Google for the term “wine blog.”

The search revealed that there are now 40,000,000 entries that qualify under “wine blog.” Some of them, of course, are duplicates, but still… this number is astounding.

It’s no accident that wine-blog.org is on that first page. When it came time for me to pick a title, I’m a professional marketer before all else in business. And, I’m married to a web marketer, where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name of the game around here.

“Hum… If I were going to be having a wine blog, what should I call it?”

What about… “Wine Blog?”

With that name, and four years of writing at least five days a week… of getting things that are swimming around inside of my head out of it and into cyberspace, I earned a place onto Google’s first page search a few years ago. Then, because I had a hosting company that wasn’t well protected, and a hacker dropped junk into the back end of my site, I was dropped from the Google list for a few months. With a new hosting company firmly in place (after we figured out what was going on) I was a lot more protected and bounced back onto the first page in a “wine blog” search.

What does being on the first page mean? If anyone is searching on the term “wine blog,” my blog is more likely to pop up on the first few pages, and people are more likely to do a “pop in.”

I’m going to list the Google Top 100 that turned up in my search.

I’m going to avoid web sites that are aggregates and/or are cooperatives with people just submitting their stories, with no real wine blogger who’s the primary person behind the effort.

This list is about people who are wine blogging. Here goes, as of now…

  1. Vinography
  2. Wine-blog ~ Juicy Tales
  3. Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog
  4. REthink Wine Blog
  5. The Pour, New York Times
  6. Wine Library
  7. Good Wine Under $20
  8. Another Wine Blog
  9. Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog
  10. ala.wine
  11. The Blog Wine Cellar
  12. Jason’s Wine Blog
  13. Wannabe Wino
  14. Sharon’s Wine Blog
  15. Why Wine Blo
  16. Wine Economics
  17. The Oregon Wine Blog
  18. Foodandwine Blog
  19. RJ’s Wine Blog
  20. Vine Sugar ~ Wine Burps
  21. Winecast
  22. Steve Heimoff
  23. Wine Camp Blog
  24. Foodandwine.net ~ Food and Wine Blog ~ Baltic Cellars
  25. Viniculture: A Wine Blog
  26. World Class Wine Blog – (Not a blog any longer)
  27. Israeli Wine Blog
  28. Carolyn Tillie’s Ultimate California Wine Blog
  29. Basic Juice
  30. Winemaking ~ Jack Keller
  31. Seattle Wine Blog
  32. Enobytes Wine Blog
  33. Wineanorak ~ Jamie’s Wine Blog
  34. bbrblog.com ~ Berry’s Wine Blog
  35. www.delish.com ~ Kevin Zraly
  36. wlidernapavalley.com ~ Doug Wilder
  37. chevsky.com ~ The “Iron Chevsky” Wine Blog”
  38. Wine Store Blog
  39. Dirty South Wine ~ Hardy Wallace
  40. Riot Wine Blog
  41. 1000 Corks
  42. Wine Peeps
  43. Wine Blog Central
  44. Virginia Wine Time
  45. The Wine Blog.net
  46. wine-girl.net
  47. www.stoneycreekwinepress.com ~ Corked: A wine blog
  48. Sokol Blosser Wine Blog
  49. Vinifico! The Original Vancouver Wine Blog
  50. Secret Sommelier Blog Featuring Wine Podcasts
  51. TasteWine: Ray Johnson’s Wine Blog
  52. Family, Love, Wine Blog
  53. moselwineblog
  54. The Wine Collector: Practical Wine Collecting Advice
  55. (oops) Wine Blog — (oops) wines, recipes and entertaining
  56. Northwest Wine Blog
  57. Simon’s Wine Blog
  58. Austin Wine Guy
  59. The Boulder Wine Blog
  60. Write for Wine
  61. Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto
  62. 1WineDude :: Serious Wine Talk for the Not-so-Serious Drinker!
  63. Wine Notes Wine Blog | Wine Notes – The Official Wine.com Wine Blog
  64. Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food Blog
  65. Eat Wine
  66. WineEnabler.com
  67. Lady of the Grape Wine Blog
  68. Wine Blogger.info
  69. Dallas Food and Wine Blog, Restaurant News, Foodie News, Dallas …
  70. Calwineries Blog | A California Wine Blog
  71. Wine.Woot : The Blog
  72. nopa: wine & spirits blog
  73. Alice Feiring – In Vino Veritas
  74. Wine Ratings, Wine, Wines ~ Great Wines Made Simple
  75. Tom and Melody’s wine blog
  76. Vinotrip – A Maryland Wine Blog
  77. Michael Stajer
  78. The Wine Explorer – NY Daily News
  79. Southern Oregon Wine Blog
  80. Syncline Wine Blog
  81. OC Wine Blog
  82. German Wine Blog
  83. CellarBlog
  84. Just Grapes Wine Blog
  85. Wine Reviews at Chateau Petrogasm
  86. Decanterberry Tales – A Willamette Valley Wine Blog
  87. Wine Blog Australia
  88. winehiker witiculture » it’s a wine blog. it’s a hiking blog
  89. Blog – Napa Valley wines | August Briggs Winery | Calistoga winery
  90. Dacalier Wine Blog
  91. My Wine Blog
  92. American Wine School – Marianne’s Blog
  93. Brunello Wine Blog – Wine from Montalcino
  94. Wine Terroirs
  95. Oklahoma Wine News
  96. Tasting Room | Food & Wine ~ Ray Isle
  97. Wine Life Today
  98. Winexpert Tim’s Blog
  99. Wine Brands
  100. Grape Juice | A Wine Blog

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