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Just In… Petit Syrah

The subject of this wine educator’s Email: Have a Pepcid handy?

He wrote in the body: “Just to give you indigestion, I had to send you this picture from a wine competition.”

This is how bad it gets, and from wine experts!


JUST IN… This is an amateur competition… My bad. Don’t take the training wheels off yet, folks; but at least you’re on your way! Congrats!

5 Responses to “Just In… Petit Syrah”

  1. Jo says:

    I can’t help but comment on my own blog posting, because I just had one more thought…

    Fingers down the black board, Boys and Girls!

  2. GeorgeJP says:

    Great piece. Can never get enough history, myself.

    conducted a restaurant staff training this week. Tasted a Zin with a small % of PS in the blend. The question, perception and comments flew right away as some restaurant pro’s (servers & managers & owners) do not know PS isn’t Syrah. Mention Durif and watch the Deer in the headlight stare.

    This post Clears alot up and I will be forwarding it out to as many accounts as possible as an educational tool.

    also love to hear more about your Psily org. wish there were more like them.

  3. Jo says:


    Thanks a lot for all of the details above… Using this as an educational piece… the deer in the headlights (oh, yeah!), and that you like the PSILY organization.

    I love the group – starting it has a lot to do with it, I’m sure.

    The members are all running their own businesses, so they don’t interfere with ego issues… that’s always a great way to ruin a great thing.

    They do step up, though, when I yell “Uncle;” so I think you’ve guided me to my next story… the making of an amazing group of vintners.

    Honestly, I think my guys are the best. It may be the name… it may be the game… and, it probably also has to do with the fame… They all just step back and not climb on top of each other. They’re in it for the glory of the variety.

    Yup… I think I’ve got a great story coming up… and I’m thinking it’s going to be Valentine’s Day…


    PS I Love You

  4. LIEGE says:

    Merci Jo ,
    Bonne nouvelle, les viticulteurs de la Vallée du Rhône commencent à avouer l’existence du Durif et de la Petite Shyra dans les vins du Cote du Rhône qui plaisent.
    Sans trop le dire, ils sélectionnent de vieilles vignes de Serine(synonyme de Petite Syrah) et autres vielles Syrah, comme étant supérieur aux centaines de Clones de Grosse Shyra, inventés pour faire du volume, et qui fait un vin plus dur et moins fruité….
    Ils ignorent toujours le Peloursin et les parents de la Petite Shyra, les instances Française de la Viticulture, boudent toujours ces cépages Nobles, et ne veulent pas reconnaître leurs qualités exceptionnelles. Leurs conclusion est sans appel, seul la Grosse Shyra doit être nommée dans les vins produits par les Vignerons……….une honte et une hypocrisie pour ces cépages nobles que vous vinifiez si bien chez vous……
    Peut être à ce rencontrer un jour, lorsque mes moyens me le permettront.
    Gilles Liège, pomologue expert.

  5. Jo says:

    TRANSLATED by Babel Fish:

    Good news, the wine growers of the Valley of the Rhone start to acknowledge the existence of Durif and Petite Sirah in the wines of the Dimension of the Rhone. Without also saying it, they select old Serine vines (synonymous with Petite Sirah) and other Syrah hurdy-gurdies, as being higher than the hundreds of Clones of Syrah Gross, invented to make volume, and which makes a harder and less fruity wine…. They are unaware of always Peloursin and the parents of Petite Sirah, the French authorities of the Vine growing, are sulky always these Nobles type of vines, and do not want to recognize their exceptional qualities. Their conclusion is without call, only the Syrah Gross must be named in the wines produced by the Vine growers ………. a shame and a hypocrisy for these noble type of vines which you vinify so well on your premise …… Can be with this meeting one day, when my means allow it to me.

    Gilles Liege, expert pomologist.

    [Pomological research is mainly focused on the development, cultivation and physiological studies of stone fruit trees.]

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