Sorry this is so self serving, but I have to plug my non-profit. It can’t survive without the support of the wine industry or consumers.

This is our one annual consumer event for PSILY, which keeps PSILY alive and marketing.

Thanks to our sponsor support:

The event is called Dark & Delicious, because it’s an event that showcases Dark, gorgeous Petite Sirahs, and Delicious foods that highlight both the foods and wines.

With 41 preeminent Petite Sirah wine companies and 26 fabulous Napa and Bay Area restaurants and/or food caterers, there’s nowhere else that you can have this much fun for only $60 per person.

Free parking, no gratuity… It’s awesome. One year someone asked me if we had doggie bags. I got his point, but we don’t do that, because it’s just too complicated… Yes, it’s that good!


  1. 9 Catering ~ I have already put this on our calendar! We are excited to participate once again. Thanks, Francisco
  2. Andalu Restaurant ~ Tapas restaurateur Calvin Schneiter of Andalu in San Francisco is excited to do the pairing with Fortress Vineyards
  3. Angela’s Bistro ~ Fabulous foods from Alameda, returning with Rock Wall Wine Company.
  4. Asena Restaurant ~ Thank you, we’d love to be a part of it again, please sign us up. Mustafa Yildirim, Chef/Owner, “Asena Restaurant”
  5. Bert’s Desserts ~ Always partners with Field Stone Winery
  6. Bistro 29 of Santa Rosa ~ PARTNER: Pedroncelli Winery
  7. Bistro Jeanty of Napa ~ Always partners with David Fulton Winery
  8. Blue Heron Catering of Oakland ~ First time participant
  9. Creative Palate Works ~ First time, PARTNER: Marr Cellars
  10. Farm Fresh To You ~ Nicole McCann, “We attended your event last year with great success. We would really like to attend again in 2010.”
  11. Fiscalini Cheese of Modesto ~ Always pairs with Silkwood Wines
  12. Fume Bistro of Napa ~ Paired for the first time this year with Robert Biale Vineyard
  13. Great American Barbeque of Alameda ~ We would like to participate in your event. many of our meats and sauces pair well with Petite Sirah.
  14. Hearst Ranch ~ Returning with Clayhouse wines
  15. Judy’s Breadsticks ~ Partnering with Jazz Cellars
  16. Marcel et Henri Charcuterie Francaise ~ Yes, we would like the opportunity to secure a spot for your event on February 19, 2010.
  17. Marin French Cheese ~ Confirming participation (first day that the message went out)
  18. Mary’s Pizza Shack ~ Returning
  19. Montibella Sausage ~ Count us in for sure. We also enjoyed the time we had there too. Keep us posted on all the info. Thanks. Skip. “Montibella Sausage Company” ~ Foppiano Vineyards
  20. New Leaf Catering of Mountain View ~ First time participant
  21. Ramekins Culinary School of Sonoma
  22. Savoy Events of Oakland ~ First time participant
  23. The Hobnob ~ The Hobnob would love to participate next year! Thanks for including us. See you then. Amy Voisenat, Chef/Owner
  24. Tomatina Restaurant ~ Returning
  25. Wood Tavern of Oakland ~ PARTNER: Bogle Winery
  26. Yoshi’s of Oakland and Alameda ~ PARTNER: Stags’ Leap Winery
  27. Z. Cioccolato ~ PARTNER: Wilson Vineyards


  1. Artezin Wines ~ (veteran)
  2. Aver Family Vineyards (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  3. Berryessa Gap Vineyards ~ (veteran)
  4. Bogle Winery (veteran)
  5. Charter Oak Winery (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  6. Clayhouse Wines (veteran)
  7. Cleavage Creek (veteran)
  8. Concannon Vineyard (veteran)
  9. David Fulton Winery (veteran) | PARTNER Bistro Jeanty of Napa
  10. EOS Estate Winery (veteran)
  11. F. Teldeschi Winery (veteran)
  12. Field Stone Winery (veteran)| PARTNER Bert’s Desserts of Petaluma
  13. Foppiano Vineyards (veteran) | PARTNER Montibella Sausage
  14. Fortress Vineyards (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  15. Grizzly Republic Wines (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  16. Heringer Estates (veteran)
  17. Jazz Cellars (new member, first time pouring at D&D) | PARTNER: Judy’s Breadsticks
  18. Langtry Estate (veteran)
  19. Lava Cap Winery (veteran)
  20. Line 39 (Long time member, first time pouring at D&D)
  21. Marr Cellars (veteran) | PARTNER Creative Palate Works
  22. Mettler Family Vineyards (veteran)
  23. Michael~David (veteran)
  24. Miro Cellars (veteran)
  25. Mounts Family Winery (veteran)
  26. Parducci Wine Cellars (veteran)
  27. Pedroncelli Winery (Long time member, first time pouring at D&D) | PARTNER Bistro 29 of Santa Rosa
  28. R&B Cellars (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  29. Robert Biale Vineyard (veteran) | PARTNER Fume Bistro
  30. Rock Wall Wine Company (veteran) | PARTNER Angela’s Bistro
  31. Rosenblum Cellars (veteran)
  32. Silkwood Wines (veteran)
  33. Spangler Vineyards (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  34. Stags’ Leap Winery (veteran)
  35. Stanton Vineyards (veteran)
  36. Stonehedge Winery (veteran)
  37. Trentadue Winery (veteran)
  38. Tres Sabores (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  39. Twisted Oak (veteran)
  40. Ursa Vineyards (veteran)
  41. Wilson Vineyards (veteran) | PARTNER: Z. Cioccolato

Tickets can be purchased for Dark & Delicious on the PSILY website. (Purchase button on the left hand side of page. It will take you to the Pay Pal account.) You don’t have to have a Pay Pal account to purchase tickets. This is a limited ticket event, and we have sold out each year.

Please come join us, if you’re able!

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