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Wine-Blog’s Fourth Bloggiversary

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We all have to thank Gwendolyn Alley (ArtPredator and WinePredator) for the word “Bloggiversary.”

Here I am with my fourth and reflecting on those past four years of amazing changes.

When I began blogging, it was because I was a bit impatient for my press releases to make their way into publications. Wine writers were also expressing (at that time) the need/desire for exclusives.

“Oh great! Let me take what should have gone in the mail in four hours and now shop it around for the next week or two.” All I could think when I read the, “I’d like an exclusive” was, “Please walk in my shoes for a day.”

Unless a wine brand like Gallo is selling its company, an exclusive is going to be passed by at every turn, and now I’ve wasted precious time while looking for an interested person during the time that traditional mailing method was the only option available. And, that traditional method always finds someone who is interested in picking up the story and running with it, because it strikes that “need” chord.

REMEMBER: Social media wasn’t part of the marketing mix for me, when I first started my blog. Web 2.0 was just emerging, and something I had just studied about being on the horizon in my html class. “Html,” remember that basic code? When I studied it, it wasn’t basic, it was the way.

I was just ahead of a curve, inspired by my compatriot in PR, Tom Wark. He had started his blog a year ahead of mine, and it suddenly occurred to me that there were no female PR wine bloggers. By starting my own wine blog, I immediately became positioned as the first female PR wine blogger, as I embarked on what I thought would be a simple journey of once a week. Yeah… right. Tom Wark had to call me out of the closet for not writing more, and the blog bug hit me.

Now, with some of my clients, I’m finding that they’ve not caught onto social media yet, and are still ruminating about the benefits.

I understand we all need to come to a belief in our own time. These people just haven’t had time to read about social media, to discover what it’s all about, and where it’s all headed.

So, I’m giving away a lot of PR advice on this Bloggiversary. If people aren’t involved in social media, then this is for you.

Especially if someone is searching the internet for “Web 2.0, what’s it all about?” this posting will pop up and be a good, basic primer.

As a PR professional, I know with compete certainty that it’s here to stay, and those who don’t get on the bus ~ quickly ~ will be losing an important link to their future success. In fact, I know of one PR professional who is shutting down a very famous practice, because it’s all become a bit too much to grasp. This is the first, but it won’t be the last, as PR is speedily evolving… almost faster than the speed of a nanosecond.

Social media (Web 2.0) was a snow ball created a few years ago; and, is now at a thundering speed, headed straight for those who don’t see it coming to bowl them over.

Fortunately, starting my own wine blog in 2005 has given me a distinct advantage as having been part of the original Web 2.0 movement. While there’s still a lot I’m trying to grasp, I also have a pretty solid foundation and vantage point.

I blog, I Facebook, I Twitter, and I belong to social media groups. I’ve attended both the US and the European Wine Bloggers conferences. There’s a huge movement afoot, and it’s mostly about the Millennial generation, which are a huge buying demographic right now. This is their way to communicate, and it’s frankly all very exciting.

What Web 2.0 is ~ is this… The World Wide Web became interactive, not just a static page for people to be reading. Just as the World Wide Web revolutionized how we’re all doing business, the next step has been to make it interactive… The next wave of the revolution. It’s being referred to as social media, and it’s quickly replacing traditional media as we know it.


  • The November 2009 issue of Gourmet magazine was the FINAL copy.
  • Most magazines have become a bit smaller in paper size, cutting down the paper it takes to print it.
  • Read a book on your computer with Kindle.
  • Yes, some magazines will survive, but where will magazines be 100 years from now? (Just asking.)

Yes, wholesalers haven’t caught up yet, and still want a Parker, Spectator or Enthusiast score to help them support their wine sales for off or on-premise accounts. However, what social media is doing is (mostly) selling to the Millennials (who don’t buy these wine magazines), and they’re the next greatest buying segment that we now have.

What are they buying? What their friends are recommending through social media. A few key wine bloggers can have a major impact on wine brands being sold – or not. It’s a great opportunity for wine sales for those brands taking advantage, especially if you have a  likable label, as this demographic is still buying with their eyes, not old tried and true brand loyalties.

I can’t say, “Get in on the ground floor,” because we’ve climbed a step beyond that, but who among you can’t still skip a step? It’s not that hard to do now. Three or four steps to skip, once we’ve segued to that location, not so easy.

Happy bloggiversary to me! (I feel like the Mad Hatter singing in Alice in Wonderland, as this has all be a rather exciting journey into the unknown.)

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12 Responses to “Wine-Blog’s Fourth Bloggiversary”

  1. @nectarwine says:

    Congrats and a great post! This is true on so many levels. I love your comment about social media reaching millennials and driving sales through them. Bloggers can and do make a difference in buying patterns. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see where we’ll be in another four years.

    Josh @nectarwine (twitter friend)

  2. Jo says:


    Thanks… I’m with you on where it will all be in the next four years. So much has happened in these past four.

    Yes, Millennials are now a big buying demographic, as the boomers still are. And, the boomers are the ones still buying the magazines, supporting the scores of WE, WS, and WA, but we won’t be forever. When that time passes, the Millennials will be solidly in place, and they’ll be buying brand loyalties by then. THEIR kids will have a new way of doing business… THAT one will be one to watch! I can’t even begin to envision that one, but it will probably have to do with Wii.

    Jo @wineblogorg (twitter friend)

  3. Loweeel says:

    There will always be some role for “dead tree media” because people will be understandably reluctant to take their kindles/ereaders to the beach, pool, or bathroom.

  4. Jo says:

    Well… sorta… Blackberries are mobile…

  5. winehiker says:

    Congratulations on your milestone, Jo! I’m enjoying your stories – keep up the good writing!


  6. Jo says:

    Thanks, Russ. I enjoy your stories, too.

  7. Peggy says:

    Congratulations. I enjoy your blog.

    I have been blogging for a year and a half on my passion: Painting.


  8. Roger says:

    Happy Bloggiversary Jo,

    It doesn’t look one day older 🙂

    You always have fantastic “juicy tales” so keep em’ coming.

    I guess I’m a “dead tree media” type of person at times too like Lowel said. I’d rather shake sand out of a book than out of my kindle, and there isn’t one square inch of my backyard that the kids won’t nail with pool water (even if it’s behind my palm trees)


  9. Jo says:


    Thanks. I love your paining blog at http://myviewpaintingstoo.blogspot.com/

    Your colors are soft and welcoming.

  10. Jo says:


    I, too, have tons of paper around me. When I listen to a much younger generation than the millennials (I have a granddaughter now living with us), not only is paper the last thing on her mind at 18, but also writing is becoming a lost art. She can text message with lightning speed, though. I can’t help but see the future, with her being a constant reminder. This generation is living with personal devices going everywhere… 100 years from now… Paper is going to be staying on the trees and the birds will be so happy!

  11. Congrats, Jo! Four years of steady blogging is quite an accomplishment! Your frequent blogging of long well researched articles is impressive!

    When I first started blogging three years ago, I ran into a poetry blogger celebrating her first bloggoversary. (She lasted only a few more months after that…) She had quite a party with drawings for various prizes to commenters along the way and after it was over. (Like your holidaze prizes!)

    So I can’t claim credit for the term–but thank you anyway! And thank you for so generously sharing your PR advice!

  12. looks like we started on the same day- congrats and auguri

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