Wine and Jazz ~ Vintage 1, Track 5

Wine and Jazz is a magazine that celebrates the perfect lifestyle combination ~

I’m so delighted to be on this magazine’s list of whom they keep in their loop. In my former life, I was connected to music through FM radio, and there’s a part of me that deeply misses that connection. The other part of me is deeply committed to the food and wine life style, and this new relationship that I have with Wine and Jazz has brought my PR life full circle. I now get to be exposed, again, to my original passion… great music.

From the magazine, about the magazine…

A dynamic and unique concept in the realm of lifestyle publications, Wine and Jazz Magazine (WAJM) explores these two fascinating worlds and the rich connections between them that combine to create one of life’s truly transcendent and pleasurable experiences. In each issue, WAJM’s regular feature articles and columns showcase exciting news and current trends in the wine industry and contemporary jazz from the perspectives of the insiders (the vintners, the artists), the fans and well-known writers who bring their passion and experience in each arena.

Wine and Jazz Magazine publishes 50,000 copies per issue – six times per year. Each issue is distributed through wineries, wine club shipments, jazz festivals and concerts, wine tasting events, jazz clubs and over 5,000 subscribers! The distribution combined with the low ad rates makes Wine and Jazz Magazine the perfect venue to advertise and showcase a company, winery, or resort.

While in Portugal with Enoforum Wine and Wine Predator, life in my Diaz Communications office continued, and a package arrived from Mike and Cindy Nordskog (, Paraiso Winemaker Dave Flemming, and Grammy winner Norman Brown on Peak Records

The magazine creators, a great winemaker, and a fabulous jazz performer – in the order of their names mentioned above. (If you click on Peak Record’s link, you’ll experience a great introduction for the quality of the record label’s performing artists.)

What an absolute delight. I wasn’t able to get right to everything, once I opened the package, but I did drop the CD right into my computer to listen to it, while I began to open the mountains of mail that we always get after being away from an office for 10 days.

My initial reaction was that Christmas had arrived early for me, and as I gather all my newest CDs, I’m now certain that the holiday cornucopia has begun for me. Just before I left for Lisbon and the Alentejo regions of Portugal, I received and brought with me Alacia Van’s CD (Beautiful Thoughts). Then, while in Portugal, I was given Mariza’s “Fado Curvo” and Grupo Cantares de Evora‘s “memorias,” by my Enoforum team. Upon my return, I received Norman Brown’s “Stay with Me.”

I’m now surrounded by so much wonderful music that it’s going to be a long time before I drift back to Pandora.

Meanwhile… back to this package from Wine and Jazz. It not only contained the music that would guide my tasting, but logo glasses from Wine and Jazz and two bottles of Paraiso were also in the package. By the way, Paraiso is Spanish for Paradise:

  1. Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands 2005 Chardonnay: I was really curious to taste the 2005 Chardonnay, because this was a four year old white wine. Golden yellow in color, it did hold up, and had tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and golden delicious apples. The wine had a lovely finish, and made me wonder about how a more current vintage would taste.
  2. Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands 2006 Pinot Noir: This Pinot, which I was very excited to taste because Pinots from the Santa Lucia Highlands are pretty gorgeous, was unfortunately oxidized. the color was gorgeous and held great promise, but stuff happens.

This happens from time to time with individual bottles, and is no fault of the wine making process. So, I can only tell you about what a great idea it was to have one of each of these wines from Paraiso, and will have to wait for another time to talk about Paraiso’s Pinot at a later date. Finding the wine “off,” didn’t dampen my spirits, and my listening experience with Norman Brown’s “Stay with Me,” while thumbing through was an awesome experience.

Norman Brown’s music is inspired from above and supported by his family and friends. Brown also hosts a radio show on The Smooth Jazz Network. I have long loved jazz, and this CD so easily slipped into my office to fill my days since receiving it, because it’s so easy to enjoy. Guitarist Brown’s original riffs have easy rhythms that sooth, while satisfying a need to just slow down a bit and relax. Since the 70s I’ve been practicing yoga and enjoying the benefits of jazz… This kind of jazz soothes the soul and opens one’s mind…

What a great return from a fabulous trip to Portugal. Nothing’s more perfect than wine, jazz, family and friends, and great food. The Paraiso Chardonnay was enjoyed with Grilled Chicken Satay with Curried Peanut Sauce, delivered by Jose… I was in Paraiso!