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First Annual Reader Appreciation Day on Wine-Blog

It’s an amazing thing to have developed a following for these Juicy Tales, all behind the scenes in my wine country travels as a publicist and wine grape advocacy executive director for PS I Love You.

As we head into the season of Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about you, the reader of this blog. I’m grateful for your following, and it just occurred to me that I could do something about that.

I’m instituting my “First Annual Reader Appreciation Day.” It will fall on the second Monday of each November, so that whatever is the benefit that I give back to you will be something that you can also share for Thanksgiving, if you’d like to do that. Your call…

For the First Annual, I have a pair of PS I Love You ~ Masters of Petite Sirah glasses that are a collectors’ set. There were only 200 of these purchased from Riedel, from the Syrah Vinum series. The retail value of this pair of glasses, because they were also etched by California Etching with the Masters logo, is $70 + shipping.

I’ll very carefully package these glasses and have them shipped directly to you, but you must be within the United States and 21 years of age, please. Shipping abroad is too risky, as they’re quite fragile.

How to play?

Just place your name in the comment box at the end of this posting of First Annual Reader Appreciation Day.

I’ll give all of you five business days to post your name (Monday through Friday of this week), and you can do this once a day for these five days, increasing your chances to win.

At the end of five days, I’ll use Random.org’s Integer Generator, having given each submission a number as the names are generated in the comment box.

The glasses are gorgeous, and this coming Thanksgiving you will be able to  enjoy them as you toast your own thankfulness for having won them.

The contest begins now…

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42 Responses to “First Annual Reader Appreciation Day on Wine-Blog”

  1. Roger says:

    Good morning Jo,

    It’s a wonderful thing you are doing. It would be great to win, but win or lose I think all who have found your “juicy tales” have already won. You are an unbelievably talented and captivating writer, which would explain why you are in PR. Cheers

  2. Fabius says:

    Great idea ‘Reader Appreciation Day’, hope it works out and is a success. I would do one myself but as i’ve only recently started blogging and social media-ing I dont have the critical mass of readers (yet!).
    PS I live in Europe so don’t count me in for the draw!

  3. Rob says:

    Rob Bralow

  4. Clara Llosa says:

    Clara Llosa

  5. Loweeel says:

    Welcome back!

    Lowell Jacobson

  6. Javadrinker says:

    Awesome idea Jo. 😀

    Javier Manzano

  7. Vinquisition says:

    Christian Martin

  8. winewatcher says:

    Terrific idea!

    Alexandra Alznauer

  9. Cheron says:

    Gorgeous glasses!

    Cathy Gore

  10. Jo says:

    Great to see you all taking advantage of this. Remember, you can increase your chances by submitting once each day.

    Roger… very kind words, thanks!

  11. Kris says:

    Great idea!

    Kris Miller

  12. Victor says:

    Welcome home, Enjoyed your tweets while you were abroad. Cheers!

  13. Jo says:

    Thanks, Victor. I had a new Blackberry toy, and took advantage of it. 🙂

  14. MarkDaSpark says:

    Great Idea, Jo!

    Hope to see you at next year’s Dark & Delicious!!!

    Mark Scholar

  15. Beth says:

    Here’s to the First Annual Readers Appreciation Day…. wouldn’t that sound nice with a “clink” from a pair of Riedel glasses?

  16. Victor says:

    Good Morning Jo,
    I am hoping I’ll be the first to enter today. I will be topping barrels most of the day and did not want to miss another chance to win those glasses!
    Have a wonderful Day,

  17. Loweeel says:

    I need more PS-PSpecfic stemware 🙂

    Lowell Jacobson

  18. Javadrinker says:

    Day 2 and all is well. Go Jo!!! 😀

    Javier Manzano

  19. Katie says:

    Woo hoo!

    Katie Pizzuto

  20. Bill Eyer says:

    Wow those look awesome!

    Bill Eyer

  21. Alacia Van says:

    Would love to have a set of these beautiful glasses!

  22. Victor says:

    Working in the office late. It is Wednesday morning already?

  23. Katie says:

    Wednesday submission: Katie Pizzuto

  24. Loweeel says:

    Wednesday submission — Lowell Jacobson

  25. Javadrinker says:

    Day 3 and everything’s still peachy. 😀

    Javier Manzano

  26. ConstanceC says:

    Very thoughtful of you for the holiday season!! 🙂

    Constance Chamberlain

  27. What an awesome idea! I’ve got some great Pets in storage that would love to be partaken of in these glasses. Cheers, Kevin Glowacki.

  28. RichardA says:


    Richard Auffrey

  29. MarkDaSpark says:

    Dang it! Missed yesterday! 🙁 But not today!!! 🙂

  30. Loweeel says:

    Sorry, sparky — you need to leave your name, not just comment.

    But today’s my thursday entry.

    – Lowell Jacobson

  31. Katie says:

    And my Thursday…Katie Pizzuto!!

  32. Jo says:

    Great guys… simply leave your name and/or comment, any day this week, on any of my blog entries… Getting down to the wire.

    Wonder what I’ll have to do for the December holidaze…?

    This seems to be such a hit.

  33. Victor says:

    Thursday submission……..Victor

  34. Victor says:

    Tried to make a Thursday submission, am not sure it was received?
    I shall try again,

  35. Jo says:

    Victor, for some weird reason your first one went into my blog’s spam unit. I just cleared it through, so you could see that I also check my spam and authorize those, too. Today’s entry only counts for one, of course, but you’re in.

  36. Katie says:

    Last one for Friday…Katie Pizzuto!

  37. Cheron says:

    Stupid crazy work making me forget to enter… Ah well, at least I’ll have 2 entries!

    Looking forward to Dark & Delicious!

    -Cathy Gore

  38. Loweeel says:

    Can’t wait for D&D (will have to get there early this year!) … and hopefully to have these awesome wine glasses!

    – Lowell Jacobson

  39. I’ve got a glorious bottle of Heretic waiting to be consumed from these glasses and today is Friday the 13th, so maybe I’ll have some good luck and win. If not, then congrats to whoever does win.

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

  40. Victor says:

    Fridays Submission…………Victor

  41. Beth says:

    Here’s my Friday submission… hope it doesn’t go to your spam!

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