Today, I’m flying to Portugal to attend the European Wine Bloggers Conference, and to visit with Enoforum Wines, our host. I’ve not blogged about this going into it, because this is a 10 day journey. I wanted to have anyone who enjoys this blog see the trip through my camera lens, and that’s what it’s going to be primarily… the who, what, and where of it as mostly a photo journal. Who knows, though… Once I’m there the word may flow like great red wine.

Sonadora couldn’t make it because of the flu, so my new traveling companion is ArtPredator | WinePredator (Two sites). This is going to be our shared learning curve, so you’ll see lots of images of her.

This isn’t our daily itinerary. It’ very active, and you’ll be visiting Portugal with us, learning about the people, their culture, the varieties, and any other part of it that’s included in this plan. I believe a cork forest is in our future, through the EWBC, and hanging out in Lisbon is also part of this adventure.

If you know Portugal, you’ll marvel at this schedule; if you don’t, you’ve got a great plan for your future journeys, if it sparks enough interest.

The hotel that WinePredator, the folks from Enoforum Wines, and I will be staying in is the same one where the EWBC is being held ~ The VIP Grand Lisboa.