Gwendolyn Alley ~ Runner-up in the Enoforum Portugal Trip ~ Replaces Sonadora

Because Sonadora is suffering from the flu, first runner-up Gwendolyn Alley steps up to the plate.

Gwendolyn Alley (of Wine Predator and Art Predator website) ~ The 200 word entry from Gwendolyn: “I am thrilled by the opportunity to share with readers the joys of the journey and what I learn about the exciting wines of this region! With my background in creative writing and environmental studies, I will write with flair about the land and the people, because as lovely as the wines may be, it’s the stories that surround them that create a full aesthetic experience which ‘engages our souls.'”

“Sonadora is going to admittedly be missed, however, she still has a flight ~ compliments of Enoforum Wines ~ and an open invitation to visit us at her convenience for the next year. This means that her fans will still be able to follow her Portuguese adventures with us,” according to Enoforum’s General Manager Delfim Costa.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn Alley is about to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned, because we’ll blogging, as of this Thursday.

Congratulations to both Sonadora and Wine Predator.

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