Sunday Funnies

I’ve always loved Pee-Wee Herman, regardless of anything. It wasn’t Pee-Wee who a cop busted…It wasn’t the genius in the playhouse who all just children adored. It was a private man in a private moment, in a dark theater… Sorta like Bill Clinton or David Letterman behind closed doors.

This morning, looking for something to wake me up as I sit here at my computer, I fell upon Pee-Wee’s daily routine on YouTube.

This is the man behind the genius that I feel in love with, and still love… The one I actually forced my children to watch one Saturday morning in Maine about 25 years ago. (I think they had some other Saturday morning routine established, and I was forcing them into the unknown.) And this is the man that my children instantly loved (still do), establishing another Saturday morning routine for years. I remember the laughter filling the house. I was always awakened by their screams, and knew that it was the first “secret word” of the morning.

I found myself recently saying a Pee-Wee line to Evan Cover of Cruvee (sounds like “groovie.”) Evan and I have been having phone conversations for a while about what his company is all about. He’s a very easy conversationalist, so some of our conversations have had good element of humor in them. (When someone’s easy to talk with, the comedienne comes out of me.) At a recent meeting in Paul Mabray’s office at VinTank, I was about to finally meet Evan in person. He came toward me with hand extended and said, “Hi, I’m Evan Cover.” I couldn’t resist, it just came out of my mouth, “I know you are, but what am I?” I said in response. And, the entire office caught that one frozen Pee-Wee moment in time with an “Ah… Yes” look.

If you also enjoy the genius, this is a really great video. I’m still astounded at his set, his concepts, and his creations within his Pee-Wee world. The details are simply astounding.

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