good wine ~ the new basics, by richard paul hinkle

Rich’s book title has no caps… This isn’t an error, it’s a replication as he’s written it.

For me, Rich Hinkle is one of the most talented writers that we have in the wine business; and I say for me, because I honor that perspective is a very personal issue. We all have our favorite writers, because somehow that preferred writer’s style and delivery speaks to us individually… That’s what Rich is for me; someone whose style of writing is closely aligned with how I like to read and learn about anything.

“Good Wine” is a book about a life fully filled with delicate nuances, although, that’s not blatantly presented. It’s hidden between the layers of information. Each new discovery reveals that in order to have this information, it’s taken his entire career of learning about wine to reach such conclusions. Delivered in a most common denominator style, it remains fully engaging, from one page to the next.

The book is broken down in many segments of our wine world: Wines, Buying, Tasting, Pairings, Winegrowing, World’s Wines, and Wine Country. Each concept within those segments has glorious photography to enhance the reader’s experience. The modicum of humor throughout continues to drive each point home. The best way to help anyone remember anything is to add a bit of humor to the learning process. Rich slips into interesting closing thoughts that give his readers a moment to pause and ponder.

My favorite bit of humor is Hinkle’s Third Law. I always wondered what that segment of the wine world was like. Little did I know it was such a conundrum!

The book is a wonderful introduction for people just starting out in the fascinating world of wine, and a classic re-connect for those of us who have had similar experiences.

This is a highly recommended book, as it’s just a delightful read.

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  1. ROGER says:

    Thanks for the reference Jo. This book sounds right up my alley of reading interest. As a matter of fact I just bought it (three seconds ago) and it’s on the way from B&N.

  2. Jo says:


    Rich is a guy who writes from his heart. He was a writer that I took with me on a luxury train, during my PS I Love You’s Blue Tooth Tour. (We toured – via train – Seattle, Portland, LA, then Fort Wroth, St. Louis, and Chicago, in two separate trips)… Rich came on the second trip (Midwest). He’s since written about five stories of that adventure. (The train cost PSILY $35K for each week. Rich understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, living in the hearts of all passengers, a few years ago.)

    When we got to St. Louis, the Cardinals were playing some team (can’t remember) that night. He and Louis Foppiano slipped out a bit early to catch the game… I poured Louis’s wine. On this trip I became aware of how much Rich loves baseball. He plays in a senior league, and has been to every US stadium in a Boys of Summer run with his family.

    Check out his Website, and note that he’s not got a paper and pencil, but is in full baseball regalia tagging someone out. There’s a tab, Wine, Baseball, & More.

    He loves life, talks about wine, and does it in a way that his emotions are in full swing, as he hits home runs.

    He’s a great role model, validating things we’ve talked about together.


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