The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes ~ An Amazing Five Minutes

This morning, I was going to write about the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations for blogs.

We now have to disclose that we accept a $15 bottle of wine, spend our own time writing about it, which is our personal time times our hourly rate unpaid, and that equals an endorsement… That must be revealed… for truth in advertising. This is income down the drain for those of us who blog for passion, not for profit, but we’ve got to tell you up front we got that bottle of wine for free.

Then, I saw this video, and realized that I need not write more than these words above, but I really needed to upload this video for you all to see, because it’s more “big picture.”

If you care at all about this world and what is in it for your children and their children, this child will have you care even more.

Her words are profound.

Thanks, Jan Mettler, my compatriot in PR, for sharing this with me… Once I told her that I was going to share this on my blog this weekend, Jan wrote to me:

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but the video is from 1992. The fact that this mighty little speech is 17 years old makes it even more compelling in my opinion. And speaking of the power of youth, on October 24 the 350 movement will take a stand all over the world; it’s an effort to draw attention to the maximum ppm of carbon that will stop global warming. Young people are leading the charge.”

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