Sonadora (aka Wannabe Wino)…

Enoforum Wines General Manager Delfim Costa, would like to congratulate Sonadora for winning the contest, “Why I Want to Go To Portugal to Visit Enoforum Wines with Jo Diaz.” According to Mr. Costa, “We’re very excited that Sonadora was chosen as the winner of this contest. Today, many wine writers and wine critics are recognizing Portuguese wines for the extreme value and quality they’re bringing to the American marketplace. It’s perfect timing to host two American wine bloggers, so that they may discover, learn about, and share their findings with the American public, during these exciting times for us.”

Thanks to all the well wishers and entrants for this wine exploration contest. It was really enjoyable to watch it all unfold.

It also wasn’t an easy decision, based on all the great reasons people wanted to win this trip, as it turned out. The best of the best for me was from Sonadora, aka Wannabe Wino. An inexhaustible wine blogger with adoring followers, she’s a perfect candidate. As soon as this contest was launched, Sonadora was talking about it through social media, and expressing her interest throughout the campaign.

Here are her 200 words or less, which allowed me to make my final decision at the close of the contest on Friday:

Top Ten Reasons Jo Should Take Me to Portugal:

10) I’ve never been to a wine region outside the U.S.
9.) I absolutely adore seafood. (I’ve read they eat lots of it in Portugal!)
8.) I pack light, so I’m ready to go in a flash.
7.) I got a new passport just in case you decided to take me, which will actually serve me well for my Istanbul trip this February.
6.) I don’t speak Portuguese, but I do speak Spanish. It’s close, right? 😉
5.) Portuguese wines/wineries/regions are pretty new to me, but I’m excited to learn all I can.
4.) I’m the most prolific and detailed note taker I know.
3.) I don’t get jet lag, so I’ll be raring and ready to go
2.) I’m way more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
1.) Help me finish the transformation from Wannabe to Wino.

Sonadora and I will not only be exploring all of the wines and wineries in the Enoforum portfolio while there, but Enoforum is also hosting us in Lisbon for a few days. It’s their intent to have us exploring their wines, wineries, and wine region, as well as also have us learn and understand the rich history and diversity of the Portuguese people and their culture.

Coincidentally,  during our visit, the European Wine Bloggers Conference is happening upon our arrival. I’m definitely attending the EWBC, with the event also being offered to Sonadora, if she would like this opportunity. (I won’t know this until she and I talk. There’s been no advance notice to her that she’s the winner.)

Enoforum is a commercial company focused exclusively on international markets. Their head office is located in the pretty town of Évora – which we’ll be exploring for its world heritage – and is in the heart of Alentejo Region. “ENOFORUM – Comércio e Exportação de Vinhos, S.A.” is a joint stock company established in July 2004. The six founders are the six cooperative wineries from the Alentejo Region, in the south of Portugal. These six wineries encompass 12.000 hectares (296,523 acres) of vineyards, with a yearly production of 60 million litres (6.7 million cases) of wine. In September 2005, new shareholders joined this group: “PME Investimentos, S.A.” and “INVOCAPITAL, S.A.”

Sonadora and I are headed to Portugal at the end of this month, and you’ll be able to follow our journeys through our blogs while there.

Please join me in congratulating Wannabe Wino.

(I think she’ll get a few Portuguese notches on her belt with this one!)