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Calling all Petite Sirah Producers ~ 4th Annual Dark & Delicious

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This year marks the Fourth Annual Dark & Delicious event. It’s the one event each year – in the entire world – that showcases the best of the best Petite Sirahs.

If you produce a Petite Sirah, and you’re looking for more PS lovers, this is your event. It’s still a small enough event to have intimate one-on-one chats with all the attendees, and it’s a big enough space to accommodate everyone. People tend to come for the three hours of wining and dining with the best of the best Pets and really yummy Foodie companies.

Within a day of announcing the event to the PSILY members, D&D 2010 was off and running. Each year there’s a slow measured and steady  growth, selling out early, and satisfying everyone. Tom Merle recently told me that it’s one of those events that you go to when you see your same friends each year, because it’s a just-right size.

This year, we expect 40 wineries and 30 food vendors.

Who’s already on board


  1. 9 Catering ~ “I have already put this on our calendar! We are excited to participate once again. Thanks, Francisco”
  2. Asena Restaurant ~ “Thank you, we’d love to be a part of it again, please sign us up. Mustafa Yildirim, Chef/Owner, ‘Asena Restaurant’”
  3. BarBer’sQ of Napa ~ According to Dave Pramuk of Robert Biale Vineyard – The restaurant’s PARTNER, BarBersQ is rated as one of the top 100 in the SF Chronicle’s best restaurants of the Bay Area.
  4. Bert’s Desserts Always partners with Field Stone Winery
  5. Bistro Jeanty of Napa ~ Always partners with David Fulton Winery
  6. Marin French Cheese ~ “Confirming participation” (first day that the message went out)
  7. Mary’s Pizza Shack ~ Returning with their delicious foods and cow bells (do you think?)
  8. Montibella Sausage ~ “Count us in for sure. We also enjoyed the time we had there too. Keep us posted on all the info. Thanks. Skip. ‘Montibella Sausage Company’”
  9. The Hobnob ~ “The Hobnob would love to participate next year! Thanks for including us. See you then. Amy Voisenat, Chef/Owner”


  1. Clayhouse Wines (veteran)
  2. Concannon Vineyard (veteran)
  3. David Fulton Winery (veteran) | PARTNER Bistro Jeanty of Napa
  4. F. Teldeschi Winery (veteran)
  5. Field Stone Winery (veteran)| PARTNER Bert’s Desserts of Petaluma
  6. Fortress Vineyards (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  7. Lava Cap Winery (Long time member, first time pouring at D&D)
  8. Line 39 (Long time member, first time pouring at D&D)
  9. Marr Cellars (veteran)
  10. Michael~David (veteran)
  11. Miro Cellars (veteran)
  12. Parducci Wine Cellars (veteran)
  13. Robert Biale Vineyard (veteran) | PARTNER BarBer’sQ of Napa
  14. Stags’ Leap Winery (veteran)
  15. Trentadue Winery (veteran)
  16. Tres Sabores (new member, first time pouring at D&D)
  17. Twisted Oak (veteran)

This is the world’s annual, quintessential Petite Sirah food & wine event

Rock Wall Wine Company – 2301 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA

Friday, February 19, 2010 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm


  • All participating wineries must be a member of PS I Love You in order to participate.
  • Wineries partner with a favorite local restaurant/food vendor.
  • 40 wineries will pour with 30 food vendors (not all wineries find a partner, or have one found for all of them).

If you’re an interested winery, register early to reserve your spot!

  • Wineries which secure a restaurant partner will have a FULL TABLE on which to pour, and on which your food vendor will serve his/her fare.
  • Wineries without a restaurant will SHARE A TABLE with another winery, and be surrounded by food on both the right and left sides of that table..

More Details: DarkandDeliciousEvent.com

If you’re a consumer, you’ll be able to purchase tickets starting in early November, on this same site: DarkandDeliciousEvent.com

According to D&D attendee Brian Curtin (Los Altos, CA and ex-tasting room manager at Byington Winery, Santa Cruz Mountains), “I enjoyed last Feb 2009’s event at Rosenblum’s new place… Rock Wall. Will you be having one in early 2010 please? Was a great event and value. [It is] one of the best wine events out there. Great job. We will await the e-mails and mark it on our calendar! I also enjoyed the second/earlier event at the Palace of Fine Arts!! And will see you in Feb 2010. Thanks much.”

The first D&D was held at Rosenblum Cellars, February 2007

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