Another Labor Day weekend, and I feel the need to take it back to where it originally started… It’s about Labor and who’s caring about who’s working, and the conditions under which people are working.

I wish some big trade union kahuna would figure out that if that unions could just get into any of the third world countries, they could do for those workers what they’ve done for US workers. This would  eliminate some really unfair practices, like child labor.

Okay, here’s another scenario that might be easier… or maybe I’m figuring it out for you, Mr. Trade Union Kahuna… (Perhaps you’re already in the process of quietly doing this, and we just don’t know about it yet?)

Find international students in the US who are studying political science (and might have a propensity for activism). Get them on board before they return home. They can then repeat history, quietly coaxing people into understanding if they band together, unions will be formed, and more fair practices will evolve.

Let’s speed this thing up. Yes, prices will go up, because people will have to be more fairly paid, but it will eventually settle back down. The world’s ready for that, if the turmoil that we’re already experiencing is any indication of how it all works.

I’m donating some money – as I celebrate Labor Day Weekend – to Care… And then I’m going back to blogging about other things that are more happy…

I trust your weekend is going well, and continues to fill you with joy and inspiration.