Wine and Jazz ~ Live the Wine and Jazz Experience

Without wine… there is no civilization. (Contemplate places where wine is prohibited in their culture and society, and you’ll begin to get the drift.)

Without music… there is no life. (Imagine life without the sounds of birds, for instance, or a child’s giggle at play.)

Now, imagine a new magazine that’s tying wine and jazz together, and you’ve got an ambitious venture called, Wine and Jazz.

Just click on the link to Wine & Jazz above, and you’re instantly taken to a site where music is just part of the experience.

According to their Website:

Live the Wine and Jazz Experience: There is something unique and special about the combination of Wine and Jazz. It is the perfect pairing that takes you to a place to relax and enjoy. And that is what Wine and Jazz is all about. We bring these sensations to you to explore and create special moments…

I concur, and it’s moments like this that I miss my prior career in radio, that led to so many moments of great live music, that I had a burn out period, if you can image that. I’m now finding that hard to believe, but we all go through spells.

Wine & Jazz is located in Murrietta, California, and is published by Mike Nordskog. The magazine – YES, he dares to still publish a physical glossy! – features some of my favorite writers… People like Len Napolitano, who’s know as a “wineologist” from Southern California; and Natalie Maclean, who’s blending Wine and Food in this magazine, which honestly now ties everything that’s right in life together.

The site is a wealth of wine info, too:


  • Classes
  • Concerts
  • Cruise
  • Tastings


  • Concerts
  • Cruises
  • Festivals

Check this out, but go to Wine & Jazz for their full-blown list… Or, better yet, subscribe. (Support the people behind the pens!) Len (Wineologist) and Jonathan Widran (Jazzologist) guide their readers listening and drinking pleasure with perfect pairings.

  • The Rippingtons Modern Art CD with Paradiso Vineyards, Santa Lucia Highlands 2007 Pinot Noir.
  • Gregg Karukas GK CD with 2007 Ravenswood Vintner’s Blend Chardonnay
  • Mark Antoine/Paul Brown Foreign Exchange CD with the 2007 Longgoria Santa Barbara County Pinot Grigio

While Jose and I were in radio together, he accumulated a Jazz collection that I can actually do this with, and am now inspired  by the magazine’s pairing of wine and music. I like this combination. I’d love to relax, enjoy wine, and relate it a performing artist that I’m listening to.

It’s ambitious to publish in these uncertain days of uncertainty for existing magazines, following the model of mostly being supported by advertisements, and having some support with subscriptions. There’s a really nice blend of content – mostly for wine and jazz related subjects – and the publisher has chosen a subject that hasn’t got any competition. This makes for a new kind of marriage, and may have this magazine not only provide for an interesting read, but it might also give the talented writers within a new outlet for their creative talents.

Writing, as an art form, needs to be supported by those of us who love the intellectual property being shared by others, and in this magazine, it’s all good!

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