Hearing a whole lotta whoopla from an old guard about a new guard,

now all sharing the same wine industry…

meaning the revenue stream…

The concept of the Internet being “free” for the constant taking

is becoming less of a myth…

as the rumblings of a paradigm shift are underway.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a paradigm shift before,

when I’ve realized- Whoo-here-we-go!

Journalist aren’t a dying breed,

but they definitely are experiencing

a humbling to the core of their values.

They’re duking it out with a new generation

considering how they’ve been doing things for an entire generation… or two

Publishers who used to be on top

are losing their grip against the tide from some new really great writers

just writing their hearts out – unfiltered, unfined,

and not having to answer to an editor…yet…

right now only answering to their own hearts.

Everyone should follow his or her own heart, right?

Their writing is allowing people to be

instantaneously interactive with them,

and that’s a whole new audience

that no one saw coming down the road,

but they’re here.

Now, everyone’s adapting and growing

and moving with the times…

How many times before?

There’s so much emerging,

and there’s so much resisting,

but inevitably having to give in to the specific change.

What’s so freaky-deaky is that the only constant is change.

And nothing’s for free, baby!