A Worldwide Wine Tour ~ intended to raise funds for children in Laos ~ is how it will all happen.

Starting in January of 2010, a Californian and a Dutch person, as a couple, will be traveling together for the year to at least 15 countries, visiting the world’s most famous wineries with a purpose. This project is called World Wine Tour.

Their goal is to continue a tradition of wine touring for charity, where compassionate wineries donate a bottle of their wine to the travelers. This wine will then be auctioned off, upon completion of the trip at Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley, because RMW has graciously offered their services and facility for the event.

JF Hillebrand , a global beverage transportation company, has taken on the responsibility of overseeing all wine shipments.

All proceeds are going to the non-profit, non-governmental organization called Laos Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. This group is dedicated to helping build brighter futures for children in Laos.

Their mission is to collect 300 premium wine bottles in one year’s time. “It should raise close to $150,000,” describes Anja Cheriakova (23) and Georges Janssens (24). “We’ve been receiving very positive responses from the wine industry, and the premium bottles assembled will be highly prized by collectors.”

To raise this amount, the couple must visit a minimum of 300 wineries dispersed over all of the continents. Sponsors will make the trip financially possible… And they are currently looking for sponsors.

According to Anja Cheriakova, “‘Because we’ll be visiting so many different wineries, this project is very interesting for their networking. They’ll also receive publicity in return, as the sponsors and public will be kept up to date. We’ll be broadcasting through online films, photos, and a blog. We’ll be actively giving reports throughout the trip.”

The proceeds will be going toward a special interest in education for children, by rebuilding a school that was destroyed in 2008 by massive floods. Average income in the destroyed school’s village is estimated to be $16 per year. Consequently, the villagers can’t finance the reparations themselves. LRF is one of the few foundations that works specifically in Laos to ameliorate conditions there.

The concept of a world winery tour for charity has existed since 2003. Since then, three more couples have set out to accomplish the project, and so far have  all been French. Georges Janssens believes, “It’s the first time an American | Dutch couple endeavor to accomplish this mission. Aside from our sponsors to promote, the wineries to showcase, and the charity to raise funds for, we hope to motivate young people of our generation to combine their passions and dreams with humanitarian goals, which is what this world needs most.”

Promoting the sponsors, showcasing the wineries, and raising money for the charity, when asked if there is  anything else Anja hopes to accomplish, she responded, “Well, alongside these first goals, I’ll also be conducting my Master Research on both Wine Tourism and Women in Wine. Also, Georges and I will be volunteering one month in Laos, helping in a medical mission and offering English and computer lessons. After the trip we plan to produce a film documenting the journey, showing the project’s impact.”

How can someone participate in the project?

“We encourage everyone interested to contact us (see below). We are currently still recruiting sponsors, and welcome all inquiries towards the benefits offered of a sponsorship. It’s only by working together that this project will work, contributing to make this world a better place!”

Interested wineries and/or sponsors:

Georges Janssens and Anja Cheriakova can be Emailed at the following: info@worldwinetour2010.com

Or, their international number is +44(0)7538431044