The Tooth Fairy and the Balloon Fairy Both Enjoy Wine

For the past couple of weeks I was thinking about what I’d call this story of my E-mail interview with Randall Grahm, but didn’t come up with anything. Then I read one of his Tweets about playing Tooth Fairy that night. I get that, having to perform in that role many times, too.

The only thing I really knew about him, before the process was that he’s out there in existential land… along with the rest of us… Not lost, just always on a vision quest of what’s next to come. It’s the right sides of our brains that leads the way,a nd we follow. I believe it’s that side of the brain, when allowed to flow uninteruptedly that let’s the new ideas flow in… That’s what’s marked Randall Grahm, along with his left-brained ability to run a business. He’s the total package.

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