For the first year – in the seven years of holding the PS Symposium – there is going to be a media tasting specifically for wine writers at the Concannon PS Symposium.

If you’re a wine writer or wine blogger, please consider yourself invited, if we’ve not yet reached out to you, and you’re available. (jo @

Attending wine companies, with principals all pouring their Petites, are going to make this segment of the symposium a very interesting afternoon for everyone. Usually, after all sessions are completed, there’s a winemaker tasting. All producers share their PSes among themselves, and dialogue is very lively. This has become a favorite activity of the day, with a lot of business being conducted during this informal session. Lunch is then served, and we move to closing remarks.

At this year’s symposium, wine makers and wine writers will be sharing time together after lunch. With this media tasting, wine writers and wine bloggers will now be able to follow the growth and developments of PS producers from year to year.

We’re finding that with the symposium’s focus on how to grow and make better PS each year, there’s an uptick in quality from both the growers and the producers. This is resulting in PS being grown and produced over the last seven years. Now, writers will finally have a firsthand experience and will better understand the process that’s been quietly evolving, since Louis Foppiano’s first Symposium in August of 2002.

Wineries attending and pouring:


* Artezin
* Artisan Family of Wines
* Aver Family Vineyards
* Berryessa Gap
* Bogle Vineyards and Winery
* Clayhouse Wines
* Concannon Vineyard
* Crooked Vine/Stony Ridge Winery
* David Fulton Winery
* Edwards Vineyard & Cellars
* EJ Gallo
* Foppiano Vineyards
* Heringer Estates
* Justice Grace Vineyards & Shoe Shine Wine
* Langtry Estate & Vineyards
* Madrigal Vineyards
* Miro Cellars | Trentadue
* Mounts Family Winery
* Oakstone Winery
* Occasio Winery
* Parducci Wine Cellars
* Robert Biale Vineyards
* Rock Wall Wine Company
* Rosenblum Cellars
* Silkwood Wines
* Spangler Vineyards
* Stags’ Leap Winery
* Szabo Vineyards
* Tres Sabores
* Vina Robles
* Wente Family Estates
* Wilson Vineyards

This media tasting promises to be a unique, wine cellar experience… One that writers will long enjoy, as it will be these writers having access to over 30 winemakers and/or proprietors in one location, with their wines and their stories, in an amazing location. Concannon recently finalized a $30M renaissance, and their facility is state of the art and a statement of quality.

Contact me if you’re interested. (jo @