Life used to be so simple… Really it was just so simple. You wrote a letter or made a call. [I suppose the telephone was a bit of an inconvenience, when it was first released to the public.]

Along came Email, and that certainly turned the routine around. [Imagine a work day without any access?]

Social media networks are long ago past new. [“Wow! This is so new!” is now so old.]

After a really stimulating, mental gymnastics conversation with Evan Cover of  Cruvee about social media monitoring intelligence, I was off reading Jeff Lefevere’s Good Grape because his site is so magical. [Do you believe what he’s done with all of the thises and thats? He’s really got it going on.]

And then, at the bottom, where he’s got all the tags hanging from other sites he’s noticed, I noticed a tag that was just spume bubbles. So I clicked on the bubbly tab to see where it would go. [Okay, I entered the site Spume, which was now another world, so I began to read.]

Low and behold, it’s a blog written by Wolfgang Weber, the senior editor of Wine & Spirits magazine. [I’ve been interfacing with the magazine and him for years. What a surprise to accidentally find him!”]

I dug around to see how long Wolfgang’s been at it. [By the time I traveled through many pages, I just gave up. Egg on my face for missing this one.]

“Surely…” I found myself commenting.

I began to write to Wolfgang… “Well, there you go! All these years of sending you samples; now, here you are with your own blog! I tried going backwards on your blog to see when you began; and, by the time I had clicked through… I was reading July 2008. I realized you’ve been at it a lot longer than I imagined. So much to learn about this ever changing, social media world… where we’re all struggling while trying to master the fragmentation of our PR/Marketing/Media Mosaic… It’s a trip!”

TGIF, People, I’m out in the vineyards, today, with visiting family… Life’s good…