Tracy Rickman is a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University (Alabama), and her dissertation pertains to wine blogs as an information source. It’s entitled Wine Blogs as a Viable Information Source: Trust Affect and Post Participant Behavior

Tracy doesn’t have any agenda except to add to the theories of media studies.

Tracy and I met last year at the Wine Bloggers Conference. At the time she told me that she was not a blogger, but is interested in wine bloggers and the people who read wine blogs as a group worth studying. Tracy is  working toward her PhD, with this demographic being part of her research. I told her I’d help in any way, and she’s now ready for the word to be spread among the wine blogging community.

Tracy has completed the first phase of her study, and now has the final survey live and ready to go. She would greatly appreciate it, if you read a wine blog or are a blogger, if you’d give her your support by participating in her study, assuming you’re 21 years of age or older.

Tracy asked me to encouraging you to go viral with this, as it would really help how the more broad and diverse the reach will become. This would also help to have a better integrity and fairness of the study. While she admits that the survey is a little longer than the typical polls you see out there, she reminded me that it’s a dissertation and that requires a little more of their time. (I didn’t find it that long at all.)

Information from this study should provide general benefit to the wine blogging community, and Tracy is  hoping that your involvement with wine and blogs will provide enough motivation to have you become involved as part of the study’s process.

Participants are asked to complete this survey that should take about 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve taken the survey and it was pretty quickly done.

You may access the survey at Question Pro:

If for any reason the above link doesn’t work, just visit

Direct from Tracy to you: Thank you so much for your consideration. – Tracy Rickman

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