Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti with a fresh marinara sauce and the 2006 Rosa D’Oro Sangiovese Rosata: Bello!

Yesterday I wrote about Rosa D’Oro wines, and – as luck would have it – I was able to taste that wine with a newly released pasta from Buitoni, Riserva… A company that’s been making fresh pasta available to consumers since 1827. The company’s Website is filled with recipe ideas and entertaining tips… It’s a trip!

Buitoni’s profile:

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, among verdant fields of wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, olives and herbs, stands Casa Buitoni – the symbol of our ongoing commitment to quality, creativity and tradition. Formerly the home of Giulia’s grandson, Giuseppe, Casa Buitoni is now a renowned product development center with a working test kitchen, demonstration workshop and communications center. It’s here that our new products are conceived, created and sampled. It’s here that our chefs, marketing executives and home economists meet to share ideas, inspirations, and explore new flavors and taste combinations. And it’s here that consumers, like you, come to see the Buitoni values brought to life.

I haven’t taken time to talk about food and wine as a feature on this blog, and that’s about to change. I love cooking, and have been doing just that since I was a kid. (My mother was a big believer in child labor.)

In 1979, my life changed forever, with my sister Merry’s wedding gift. She gave us a wok, and that’s when I began to run. I believe I was just trotting along until that time… copying my mother’s cooking, then becoming a vegetarian. (I sometimes wonder if one had anything to do with the other.) I eventually did return to small amounts of meat, and raised my kids with only fresh, slow foods. (They’re now all excellent cooks, as a result.)

I made my own breads… Made lots of granola (what a surprise).  I eventually got to making fresh pasta. As my life escalated (putting kids through college does that), I didn’t have time to make pasta anymore, but the love of fresh pasta has never left my palate or plate…

And along comes Buitoni’s newest offering: Wild Mushroom Agnolotti raviolis. These all natural raviolis are generously filled with  fresh portbello and crimini mushrooms, imported Grana Padano and Parmesan cheeses, and fresh roasted garlic. (There are NO artificial ingredients in the Buitoni products!)

The raviolis flavorful, nutty (from the crimini mushroom) heartiness allowed for a meal without any meat, but you’d never know it… If you’re a vegetarian, I can see this new ravioli becoming a staple in your refrigerator.

[This image is from the Buitoni Website, and is accidentally perfect.]

The raviolis were cooked in water with a bit of olive oil and salt, then served with a freshly cut tomato marinara that had lots of fresh basil and garlic. A garden salad also accompanied this meal-in-about 20-minutes.Served with the Rosa D’Oro Sangiovese Rosato, it was molto squisito!