Flutter ~ The Future of Advertising

Flutter is going to take the Internet to a whole new level. And, if you’re wanting to advertise your wine brand – or any product or service to the Millennial demographic, honestly, this is going to be your next best option.

According to founder Matt Ibsen, “If Twitter is like micro blogging, than that would totally make us nano blogging.”

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2 Responses to “Flutter ~ The Future of Advertising”

  1. I think it’s worth seeing what Mashable has to say about Flutter. http://mashable.com/2009/04/04/flutter/ Their commentary, in short (but not 26 characters short….) is: “It is, of course, a fictitious parody of everything that’s hot in social media – a “mockumentary” created by Slate Magazine to poke fun at the web’s latest obsession.”

  2. Jo says:

    I just loved it, and was wishing that I had found this for April Fool’s Day. I’m just six days late, but the mischief person inside of me lives 24/7/365, and darn proud of it…

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